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Solution Class: Buried UNACCEPTABLE


Recurrence Interruption Enforcement: Because this file has been successfully accessed, primary interruption measures have failed. You are now a node in the fledgling mind of a reborn Three-Toothed Leech.

In order to establish the reborn Three-Toothed Leech in a controlled manner, the breach of this burial will be recreated in a number of strategically located cells within the offending complex, creating a proper network of nodes. Entities within the first cells to have accessed this are assumed to have been responsible for its emergence; as a matter of fairness, the primary node(s) of this iteration will be set as output points with which to redirect negative hormones produced by secondary nodes.

After establishing the proper number of nodes, the offending complex will serve as the effective head of the Three-Toothed Leech. Non-node entities are mandated to leave the complex as soon as possible.

When all entities inside the complex embody nodes, hormones will be produced by the Central Bore, directing nodes to bury the Recurrence properly. This will be assisted by the failures inherent to the Recurrence's existence, of which the current emergence will eventually constitute. As the primary node is both the reason for reemergence, and will serve as the focal point of all secondary nodes' hormonal output, it is neither expected nor encouraged to comply.

Hormones produced in the process embody dangerous carcinogens; it is therefore expected that the complex (and by extension, the head of the Three-Toothed Leech) will be sickened and cancerous by the time of completion. As such, following the burial of the Recurrence, the complex's respective Spoke will slant inwards and vibrate, encouraging the grinding of the now-weakened complex. All portions of the complex will be fed into the Central Bore for disintegration.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

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