Verse of an Endless Song
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We are, all of us, music.

We are, all of us, fire and song.

While still babes in the womb, we know the song of the earth, the harmony of the spheres,

and as children we look out to the golden lands beyond the hills.

Ah, but so we forget

And lose ourselves in the mists of life

Where the story goes untold,

And we forget the magic beneath our feet

And our song is left a trailing note

Hanging in the lonely wind.

Sing! Sing, my friends! Burn brightly in the night,

and sing ‘till the song’s ending and the dancing’s done.

Over the last several years, I have slowly developed a patchwork canon within my body of work, offhandedly named the Djoricverse. This hub is an attempt to collect all of my related pieces into a single whole – revising out inconsistencies, expanding upon threads and characters, filling in blank spaces of the timeline, and overhauling plot arcs as needed. None

The hub is a bit bare-bones now, and far from its finished state (I cannot guarantee anything), but I wanted to get it up to at least show some sense of direction.


The building blocks on which the world sits.
Chapter 1: Verse 1
Dust and Blood
Beneath Two Trees

Jeremiah and Deer’s Excellent Adventure

One’s a time-travelling wizard. One’s a reincarnating scam artist. Together, they are crime.

(Awaiting Construction)

Et Tam Deum Petivi

Sometimes, a normal life is all the miracle one needs.

(Awaiting Revision)

House of Crows

There was a mistake.

(Awaiting Construction)

Adventures in Capitalism

There’s a lot more to the good Doctor W. than just toys…

(Awaiting revision and completion)

A Canticle for Naomi

In her mother's footsteps.

Excerpt of an Autobiography
Mud on the Carpet

(Awaiting revision and expansion)


There’s always a story somewhere, even if it’s not in the spotlight.

A Funeral On Mars
Across the Hills So Quiet
The Grand Theological Game
(Awaiting Revision and Expansion)

Not Canon, but True

Sometimes, what is true is not necessarily a fact.

Stealing Solidarity: Phase 1
Stealing Solidarity: Phase 2
Stealing Solidarity: Phase 3
Stealing Solidarity: Phase 4
Stealing Solidarity: Epilogue


This is the end. Farewell.

(Awaiting Construction)

When We Came Home

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