Valravn Corporation Hub

Why are we still here?
Just to be the alchemist
turning death into gold?
Skald Amleth

I hope to never forget your embrace
Even at the gates of Hel
From Jómsborg with Love
Skald Xóchitl

In a world where order and civilization are nothing but mere facades over the endless abyss of unimaginable possibilities of the Anomalous…

It is only natural that those that have been rejected by the social order would look for answers, hope, justice, and even vengeance in that same never-ending abyss. Empowered by ancient thaumaturgy and occult science, the marginalized of the world may have a fighting chance to reclaim what the so-called "normalcy" has denied them for too long. Anomalous guerrillas, rogue thaumaturgic micro-states, cultic drug syndicates… Freedom fighters or criminals? For the Powers that Be, said the distinction is meaningless for all of them represent a challenge to the fragile equilibrium over which the established order rests upon. Fearful but unwilling to compromise, the rulers of the world dread the day they may not be able to suppress the fire they themselves are so guilty of fueling. But where some may fear the perfect storm, some others may see… a business opportunity.

How can political power be maintained in a reality where the anomalous exist? How to get away with keeping millions in abject poverty when magic can gift practically infinite resources? How to impose arbitrary social hierarchies on those willing to defy even the laws of nature? For how long is it even possible to control a population that can learn to master fire with their minds? To turn into beastmen? To bend reality to their will?

The answer is to fight fire with fire.
The answer is Valravn.

The Valravn Corporation is an Anomalous Private Military Company, in other words, mercenaries. As a private army-for-hire at the behest of the highest bidder, it commands a highly trained force recruited from ex-operatives of the best anomalous and non-anomalous armies of this world… and others. Specialized in anomalous counter-insurgency, Valravn is active in politically unstable regions where organizations like the Foundation and GOC have less influence. At the right price, the Crows of War will lend their services to both governments and other GOIs to suppress any kind of anomalous opposition. No matter how stained and bloodied the task, Valravn will carry it with efficiency, professionalism, and secrecy.

With a vast arsenal of weaponized anomalies and state-of-the-art paratech at their disposal, Valravn's divisions are among the deadliest combat forces at the level of top Foundation MTFs and GOC elite troops. But the military power of the Corporation is supported by an equally impressive parascientific prowess: they are experts in the weaponization of anomalies, especially those that come from myth. Most of the deadliest Valravn assets find their origin in various world mythologies, reaped from their original context, and twisted into war machines to be unleashed against the unfortunate souls targeted by the Corporation. In addition, Valravn's Tyr Project is the world-leading research division on paraprosthetics and combat augmentations. Those tough or (un)fortunate enough to survive gruesome injuries are gifted not only with recovery but enhancement. Valravn's soldiers are not just equipped with the best weapons, usually, they become the weapons themselves.

Led by the mysterious High Table, the Valravn Corporation has been described both as a cult-like business and as a business-like cult. Ideologically, it professes a combination of nordic pagan determinism and capitalism worship. This is the worldview that is borne when the Viking version of the Prosperity Gospel meets the Anomalous Military Industrial Complex. Moral responsibility is an oxymoron in a universe ruled by the rigid Laws of Fate and Demand, relentlessly pushing an eternal pendulum between war and profit. This world in perpetual conflict is a fertile ground for the Corporation, always looking to expand into new ventures. For war is their business, and profiting from it is their sacred duty.

The ethos of the Valravn Corporation is perfectly illustrated by its two mottos. The first one, Óðinn á yðr alla, translates from Old Norse as "Odins owns you all", an ancient Viking battle cry that reminds warriors that all lives and deaths ultimately belong to Odin and are bound to Fate, thus freeing them both from the fear of death and the guilt of killing. The second motto, "We feast on the battlefield", alludes to the carrion-eater nature of corvids. As long as War keeps birthing spoils and battlefields, Valravn will thrive and reap the fruits of the killing fields.

You never lose at war when war is what you sell.
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