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PSYCHE Records

The following report was submitted to the Council of 108 on June 25th, 2012 by the British Occult Service1, detailing the rise to prominence of a new paracrime group in Europe and several paranormal free-ports in the surrounding area, such as Eurtec, Hy-Brasil and Three Portlands.

Intelligence Briefing on the Chicago Spectre

Europe is being terrorized by a new occult crime agency, with greater reach than any previously observed by any member of the Council of 108. Evidence suggests that this group refers to themselves as the Chicago Spectre, and is purported revival of the long defunct American occult organized crime syndicate, the Chicago Spirit.

The exact connections between the two groups are unclear, as the Chicago Spirit has not been active for approximately seventy-five years. Any individuals who were involved in the Chicago Spirit are unlikely to still be involved in criminal activities, especially as life-extending methods were outside of the reach of the Chicago Spirit (evidenced by multiple unsuccessful attempts to acquire such). Therefore, it is likely that the Spectre are merely using the name and identity of the Spirit.

This resurgent Chicago Spectre has an unclear scope. They either have multiple branches within multiple cities throughout Europe, each of small size, or are able to easily travel between cities. Incidents have occurred within minutes of each other in cities hundreds of kilometers apart.

The Chicago Spectre should be considered and treated as armed and dangerous at all times. The group evidently has access to multiple sources of occult weaponry, from sources such as the Factory, the Scarlet Hammer and the Chaos Insurgency. The Spectre has been observed using high-power lasers, ghost emulsifiers, and futuristic, advanced weaponry.

While the Spectre is active throughout Europe, they have not acted in violation of the Veil Protocol. The majority of their actions outside of occult free ports do not consistute a threat to Second Mission (Concealment) concerns, only breaking civilian laws. Their actions in occult free ports are more bold, likely resulting from the low law enforcement presence in such jurisdictions.

Evidence suggests that a "Mr. Night" is either the leader or a high-ranking member of the Chicago Spectre. This comes from multiple occasions in which notes signed by "Mr. Night" have been discovered at the scene of the crime, taking credit for the acts in question.

The Chicago Spectre has been assigned the phrase "Disco".

Based on the information given in this report, the Council of 108 has made the decision to classify the "Mr. Night" alluded to within as UTE-1919-Discofather, and begin action against him along with the rest of the Chicago Spectre.

PSYCHE Records

On 14/7/2012, the Chicago Spectre successfully robbed a bank in Northern Ireland. Strike Team 0638 "The Untouchables" was deployed in response, and destroyed one vehicle as it was fleeing the scene. One individual, a Type Yellow entity parathreat (designated PTE-0781-Disco-Yellow) named Conall O'Sullivan was captured.

PTE-0781-Disco-Yellow possessed the ability to transmute his body-mass into a paranatural black crystal, giving him enhanced durability and physical strength. This allowed him to survive the munitions used by the Global Occult Coalition against the vehicle he was within, but did not impede capture.

Recorded Interrogation Log:

Date: 17/7/2012
Interviewer: "Hawthorn" (87635109/0638)
Interviewed: PTE-0781-Disco-Yellow

Preamble: PTE-0781-Disco-Yellow was questioned again by Agent Hawthorne of the Global Occult Coalition. This specific interview was to ascertain information concerning UTE-1919-Discofather. Further information may be requested from the Records Management General.

Hawthorn: Hello, Conall. We wanted to speak about your employer in this meeting.

PTE-0781: The boss? No can do, buddy. There's too much about that one.

Hawthorn: You know, we've been working on new blades. We always are, here at the Coalition. From what you've told us, the Spectre is the same way with their gadgets and what not.

PTE-0781: Is this going somewhere?

Hawthorn: This is one of those blades2. Look at it, it's got runes scribed all over it. Runes for killing and cutting. It's supposed to be able to liquidate anything. The boys in the lab tell me it could cut even something that's practically indestructible. That's what they say you are, right?

PTE-0781: Listen, I want to work with you, but the boss … there are rules about the boss. It's like fae law, and I know something about that myself.

Hawthorne: What, is he unnameable? Just avoid a name, then.

PTE-0781: Not quite as otherly as those esteemed and gracious folk for whom title should be avoided.

Hawthorne: Really trying to avoid their wrath, huh?

PTE-0781: I've spoken about the victims of a not-so-ancient genocide a bit too much to be as safe as I would like.

Hawthorne: Well, there's one person, in particular, you haven't spoken enough about if you want to be safe.

PTE-0781: Look, the boss is something of a boogeyman. You give up his name and well, bad things happen.

Hawthorne: I see. Well, if he tried to get you, he'd have to go through us. And that's not to reassure you so much as to point out we do want to kill him, and we've killed worse.

PTE-0781: Ha! That's fair. He wouldn't be able to get to me here.

Hawthorne: Open up, then. Tell us what you know about the boss.

PTE-0781: The boss is something of a weird type, compared to the rest of us. The Spectre is a high-tech outfit, right? All the lasers, rather flashy all things considered.

Hawthorne: We did assign you the name Disco.

PTE-0781: Yeah, all our gizmos look like a disco. You ever get the chance to look inside one of our vans?

Hawthorne: I have not, but that isn't relevant. Back to Mr. Night.

PTE-0781: Right. The boss doesn't deal with the same stuff as we do. His dog's this massive beast, and his magic is different from anything the rest of us have ever seen.

Hawthorne: Interesting. He's older, correct?

PTE-0781: Oh, for sure. He's been in the business for a long time. Since the American Prohibition, I think. He's alluded to it and talked about that a lot.

Hawthorne: Has he ever talked about the "Chicago Spirit"?

PTE-0781: He's mentioned that a few times. His old gang, I think.

Hawthorne: That's interesting.

PTE-0781: He's a weird one. Obviously, he's been in the business for quite some time now, but everything I've heard leads me to think that the Chicago Spirit wasn't exactly his first outfit. I think he's been around longer than that, much longer.

Hawthorne: Not human, I take it?

PTE-0781: Absolutely not. I ain't got a clue in hell what he is.

Hawthorne: Anymore you can tell us?

PTE-0781: Hm. Well, one thing I can tell you is that he has friends in high places and just about everywhere. He'll always come in with gifts from friends, stuff from the craziest of places. Marshall and Carter, the Factory, the Scarlet Hammer, even the Insurgency once.

Hawthorne: Gifts?

PTE-0781: That's what he'd call them, at least. Not sure how accurate that is. Oh, and the other thing is that he seemed to have friends in other places.

Hawthorne: Such as?

PTE-0781: Other places, other worlds. Places where Hy-Brasil was destroyed by a kraken in the eighties, worlds where the Veil is up, even one where he ain't even in the Spectre. Still talks to the man in charge, of course.

Hawthorne: Sounds like he's well connected.

PTE-0781: You have no idea.

Two weeks after the conclusion of this interview, PTE-0781-Disco-Yellow choked on a piece of his daily dinner. In the middle of choking, PTE-0781-Disco-Yellow's capabilities partially and involuntarily activated, preventing application of the Heimlech maneuver and leading to his death, as his lungs converted to indestructible crystal incapable of respiration.

Guards report that prior to his death, PTE-0781-Disco-Yellow was heard to have been talking to himself within his cell for upwards of one hour. Based on the limited time that PTE-0781-Disco-Yellow was in Coalition custody, this was highly atypical behavior.

PSYCHE Records

Following the tentative identification of UTE-1919-Discofather, a review of Global Occult Coalition Archives was conducted in order to find any potential matches. One such match was found, within the records of the USAFBIUIU, made accessible to the Coalition by the USA Pentagram3.

The Unusual Incidents Unit had prior interactions with UTE-1919-Discofather, and produced the following report for the Department of Diplomancy covering the individual. Additionally, the UIU has offered to assist the Coalition with the tracking of UTE-1919-Discofather, as he remains a wanted criminal under their jurisdiction. This offer has been turned down outside of Three Portlands, which remains under UIU jurisdiction.



Case File Summary 1941-016

"Chicago Revenant"


The so-called "Mr. Night" first came to the attention of the Unusual Incidents Unit in 1941, following a series of murders associated with the defunct crime outfit "the Chicago Spirit". In these murders, Mr. Night sent tips to the FBI, indicating his own involvement in case. All victims were previously involved with the Chicago Spirit leadership.

Mr. Night appears to have targeted specific individuals who knew some specific detail concerning the Chicago Spirit, which was only privy to the leadership. In one notable instance, Mr. Night refrained from killing former members of the Chicago Spirit, despite an easy opportunity. The UIU does not know the exact nature of the information Mr. Night was trying to conceal.

In response, the UIU attempted to find other members of the Chicago Spirit who would be able to provide information concerning the identity of Mr. Night and the nature of the secret he was trying to conceal. This was complicated by the position Mr. Night had held in the Chicago Spirit, being regarded as a mythological figure of unknown truth. The UIU was unable to find any individuals who had meaningfully interacted with Mr. Night.

Following these initial incidents in 1941, the UIU has had limited evidence that Mr. Night has remained active at a low-level. A brief summary of these incidents follows:

  • Documents recovered from a Marshall, Carter and Dark auction house implicate Mr. Night in the acquiring of several items that were later sold. Some of these items were sold by Mr. Night in 1933, while a second set was acquired by Mr. Night upon request by Mr. Dark in 1956.
  • An entity entered Pentagram Offices under the name of Mr. Night for a period of three hours on June 17, 1972. While this entity signed in as Mr. Night at the front desk, no other records of this event exist.
  • A UIU embed within the Wanderer's Library reported that for a brief period in 1984, security for the Wanderer's Library was provided by Mr. Night and a small resurgence of the Chicago Spirit. This group was not active outside of the Wanderer's Library during this time.
  • In 1996, the hard copies of UIU files concerning the Chicago Spirit spontaneously vanished. A note reading "Thank you for holding onto these, after all the years. — Mr. Night" was found in place of the documents. Digital documentation was unaffected.
  • In 2001, the security of a Pentagram weapons development project was breached. A single prototype weapon was found to be missing, with no other items or data misplaced. Log-in information for the security vault was found to be glitched, only reading "Mr. Night" for the credentials entered.
  • —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— Mr. Night —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— —— ——
  • A failed 2006 terrorist attack perpetrated by a Chaos Insurgency cell was prevented by a lone civilian shooting the Chaos Insurgent holding the eigenweapon payload. This civilian cooperated with UIU investigators who arrived on the scene, identifying himself as "Mr. Night". The investigator who interviewed Mr. Night during this time was unaware of the history of Mr. Night.

Due to the prior history of Mr. Night in the Chicago Spirit, it is believed that he may be planning similar criminal ventures in the future. Mr. Night is believed to be armed and dangerous at all times, and has occupied a position on the UIU Thirteen Most Wanted Fugitives list since its inception in 1950.

Threat Entity Database Entry

Threat ID:

UTE-1919-Discofather "Mr. Night"

Authorized Response Level:

2 (Sub Moderate Threat)

UTE-1919-Discofather is a humanoid parathreat, believed to be the founder of both the Chicago Spirit and the Chicago Spectre. Currently, UTE-1919-Discofather is in control of the majority of Chicago Spectre operations.

UTE-1919-Discofather is believed to possess reality-affecting capabilities of some variety, but this has not been confirmed. Getting a ARAD reading of UTE-1919-Discofather is currently a high priority for Coalition agents.

It is not believed that the parathreat is either a current or former human entity. The exact nature of the origin of the entity is unknown, although Professors Kelzahn, Bolas and Long of the International Center for the Study of Unified Thaumatology have put forth the hypothesis that UTE-1919-Discofather is an incarnation of an unknown human emotion.

The proper name of the parathreat is speculated to be a nomenclative hazard by certain factions of the Global Occult Coalition, most notably PHYSICS Division Strike Teams assigned to the Chicago Spectre. If these concerns are accurate, the name of the parathreat leads to increased fatality rates and parathreat gaining awareness of the speaker. This is not confirmed, but suspected to be likely.

High levels of misinformation are present concerning UTE-1919-Discofather, a considerable amount of which appear to have been circulated by the Chicago Spirit and UTE-1919-Discofather himself. As such, little verifed information concerning UTE-1919-Discofather exists to the Coalition.

The parathreat has, as of now, been able to avoid capture and proper identification by the Coalition. All pictures taken by the Coalition are immediately destroyed by localized data corruption on his face and identifying features. While brought into custody several times, he has managed to escape on all occassions.

Rules of Engagement:
As the name of the parathreat is a nomenclative hazard, agents are to solely refer to the parathreat as "UTE-1919-Discofather."

UTE-1919-Discofather, and the rest of the Chicago Spectre, are to be under constant surveillance by Global Occult Coalition forces. Should any credible evidence be discovered concerning the location of UTE-1919-Discofather, a strike team should be dispatched to deal with the threat. Currently, Strike Team 0638 "The Untouchables" is handling UTE-1919-Discofather and the Chicago Spectre.

Currently, capture is preferred over immediate termination for UTE-1919-Discofather. This is primarily so that he may be brought to trial for his crimes against Third Mission concerns, and so that other elements of the Chicago Spectre may likewise be dealt with.

PSYCHE Records

UTE-1919-Discofather has been observed at a small number of Chicago Spectre operations thwarted by Global Occult Coalition forces. In all of these incidents, UTE-1919-Discofather was able to avoid long-term capture by the Global Occult Coalition. A brief summary of each incident follows. For more details on any, consult the appropriate listed file.

FILE: A7U81/082

On 22/8/2012, the Chicago Spectre robbed Sparda-Bank in Düsseldorf, Germany. Upon arriving at the scene, Strike Team 0638 operatives disguised as plain clothes police officers were able to control Hume and EVE levels to counteract the effects of any reality bending, and moved in to arrest the Chicago Spectre. All Spectre members inside were unusually cooperative with Coalition agents, and were placed into armored transport vehicles. One of these Spectre members was UTE-1919-Discofather, who was placed into a vehicle by himself.

As the vans were driving away from the scene, an entity collided with the vehicle carrying UTE-1919-Discofather at high speeds, measured as upwards of 250 KPH. Security footage of this entity is unclear, but it appears to be a pair of human legs with no visible torso or body above the waist. This entity proceeded to collide with all other transports, allowing the Chicago Spectre and UTE-1919-Discofather to escape. This parathreat has been designated UTE-7311-Disco-Beige.

Little money was stolen from Sparda-Bank during this time, but several specific safe deposit boxes were broken into and emptied. Two of these boxes were registered to Allison Chao (PTE-0008-Regnant-Black); the contents of either are unknown. Evidence suggests that UTE-1919-Discofather targeted several specific boxes during this robbery rather than acting indiscriminately; how he acquired knowledge of which to target is likewise unknown.

FILE: T3P53/024

On 31/10/2012, Global Occult Coalition reconnaisance teams discovered a Chicago Spectre drug smuggling operation in Seville, Spain. Strike Team 0638 was deployed to stop the operation and apprehend the Chicago Spectre.

A raid conducted on 2/11/2012 was initially successful, with several members of the Chicago Spectre apprehended by the PHYSICS strike team, including UTE-1919-Discofather. However, a manifestation event of PTE-1227-Khan ("The Golden Horde") occurred within Seville at the same time, close to the building the Chicago Spectre was operating out of. This resulted in wide-spread panic in the city.

As the strike team was the only major Coalition agency in the city at the time and PTE-1227-Khan is a Response Level 5 parathreat that threatens Second Mission (Concealment) concerns (as opposed to the Response Level 2 Chicago Spectre, which threatens Third Mission (Protection) concerns), the strike team was reassigned to respond to PTE-1227-Khan.

While the situation involving PTE-1227-Khan was quickly resolved, by the time the strike team was able to return to the location of the Chicago Spectre, all evidence of the smuggling operation had vanished.

FILE: H0Y38/0631

On 11/11/2012, the Chicago Spectre staged a heist upon the Hy-Brasil4 Royal Palace, during the middle of a gala being held by High Queen Mór-Ríoghain ΙΙ of Hy-Brasil and the Four Cities.

During the raid, UTE-1919-Discofather entered the throne room of the Hy-Brasil palace by himself, while other members of the Chicago Spectre attempted to break into the royal vault. The Hy-Brasil royal guard was mobilized to defend High Queen Mór-Ríoghain, prevent the break in to the vault and to kill UTE-1919-Discofather.

No attempts on the life or safety of High Queen Mór-Ríoghain were made that night.

The Hy-Brasil vault was not breached. Thaumatological wards on the vault activated within seconds of the attempt beginning, killing all members of the Chicago Spectre attempting to break into the vault and binding their souls to defend the vault eternally. The royal guard refreshed the runes and cleaned the vault.

UTE-1919-Discofather was confronted in the throne room by the royal guard. During this time, the royal guards attempted to kill UTE-1919-Discofather, but were faced with sudden failure of their Type Green and Blue abilities. UTE-1919-Discofather proceeded to nonfatally incapacitate the guards, and disappeared from the palace without a trace.

Nothing was recorded as missing or stolen from the Hy-Brasil palace.


On 30/11/2012, a safehouse in Three Portlands, believed to be a major operating hub for the Chicago Spectre, was discovered. Furthermore, it was determined that UTE-1919-Discofather would be at this safehouse for a period of three days, between 18/12/2012 and 21/12/2012.

A raid was conducted.

Recorded Transcript Log

Date: 20/12/2012
Strike Team: ST-0638
Agent: Stormbreath (96231847/0638)

Preamble: Strike Team 0638 "The Untouchables" was deployed to liquidate UTE-1919-Disco and attack the Chicago Spectre, following the discovery of a Chicago Spectre base of operations. A transcript of this follows, recovered from the ocular and auditory implants of Stormbreath, the only member of the Strike Team to encounter UTE-1919-Discofather.

[0:00] Ocular and auditory implants activate. Stormbreath is sitting in the back of a Coalition van, alongside other members of Strike Team 0638.

[0:01] Strike Team 0638 exits the van, and enters a tactical position around the building.

[0:10] Two members of Strike Team 0638 use a battering ram to break down the door. Members of Strike Team 0638 begin to enter, with their weapons raised.

[0:14] Stormbreath enters the building. Two members of the Chicago Spectre are in the antechamber. One is holding a heavily rusted gun, and the second has a cybernetic arm with a gun attachment.

[0:15] Chicago Spectre Member: Shit! It's the gunf-

[0:16] Strike Team 0638 opens fire on the two members of the Chicago Spectre, killing both.

[0:20] Stormbreath, alongside three other members of Strike Team 0638, enter a secondary hallway, away from the antechamber, with their weapons at the ready.

[0:40] The four members of Strike Team 0638 reach a door in the hallway. One shoots the lock off the door.

[0:45] The members of Strike Team 0638 enter the room and search it. No members of the Chicago Spectre are found, although copious evidence, paracriminal supplies and weapons are in the room.

[1:27] Strike Team 0638 exits the room and continues down the hallway.

[1:36] UTE-7311-Disco-Beige crashes through a door later down in the hallway and lands in the middle. It turns to Strike Team 0638.

[1:40] Hawthorne: Leggy isn't a joke?

[1:44] UTE-7311-Disco-Beige charges towards Stormbreath and the other members of Strike Team 0638.

[1:45] Stormbreath is knocked to the ground by UTE-7311-Disco-Beige, which continues down the hallway.

[1:49] Stormbreath rolls onto his belly and assumes a tactical position, with his rifle propped on his arm.

[1:50] UTE-7311-Disco-Beige is visible for three frames before rounding the corner. Stormbreath fires at UTE-7311-Disco-Beige, but is not able to hit.

[1:54] The four members of Strike Team proceed down the hallway, continuing to search rooms for more members of the Chicago Spectre. No members are found.

[4:48] After entering a new room, a single member (now known to be LTE-4268-Disco-Purple) of the Chicago Spectre is found, trying to pack money into a bag.

[4:52] Dal Segno: Put your hands in the air!

[4:54] LTE-4268-Disco-Purple: Under Pressure!

[4:55] A large, nude, gold-skinned humanoid (LTE-4269-Disco-Purplechild) manifests in the air the behind LTE-4268-Disco-Purple, hovering slightly above the ground. The gravity in the room significantly increases.

[4:53] Hawthorne fires from the ground at LTE-4268-Disco-Purple. All bullets fall to the ground midair after being observed by LTE-4269-Disco-Purplechild.

[4:58] Stormbreath manages to stand and jumps across the room, removing HSA-3668-Caliburn from his belt.

[5:03] LTE-4269-Disco-Purplechild raises a hand towards Stormbreath, causing the gravity to increase further. Stormbreath quickly falls, crashing through the floor.

[5:37] After lying on the floor on the level directly below for thirty seconds, Stormbreath rises. He appears to be limping and clutching his side.

[5:40] Stormbreath leans down, and grabs HSA-3668-Caliburn from the floor.

[5:45] A door opens behind Stormbreath. UTE-1919-Discofather enters the room, with UTE-1947-Disco-Fiji beside him.

[5:47] UTE-1919-Discofather: Oh. Hello.

[5:50] Stormbreath attacks UTE-1919-Disco with HSA-3668-Caliburn, stabbing him in the shoulder. HSA-3668-Caliburn is embedded to the hilt. UTE-1919-Discofather falls to the ground.

[5:57] Stormbreath: Command, target has been liquidated. Requesting extrac-

[6:00] UTE-1919-Discofather: Too much ambition in that, I'm afraid. You'll never get far with that.

[6:04] UTE-1919-Discofather removes HSA-3668-Caliburn from his shoulder and stands up.

[6:06] UTE-1947-Disco-Fiji lunges towards Stormbreath and forces him to the ground, standing on his chest.

[6:08] UTE-1919-Discofather brings HSA-3668-Caliburn to the ocular implant of Stormbreath.

[6:10] The ocular implant, being damaged, deactivates. The auditory implant deactivates as well.

Conclusion: Agent Stormbreath was found to be MIA after this operation. All other members of Strike Team 0638 survived. Six members of the Chicago Spectre were killed in the operation, and twelve were captured. A further ten, including UTE-1919-Discofather and UTE-7311-Disco-Beige, remain at large.

A small, wrapped box was discovered in front of the Global Occult Coalition Embassy five days later, with the following note attached to the side.

A spectre is haunting Europe the Spectre of Chicago.

Merry Christmas.

Mr. Night

The box contained a large amount of confetti, classified documents from multiple Coalition member organizations, and the dismembered body of Agent Stormbreath. All documents destroyed. Ocular and auditory implants removed and logs extracted. Agent Stormbreath humanely euthanized.

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