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The following file describes a para-threat phenomenon of which little or no information is known, and the available data is uncertain.
A Level 𐀒 Security Clearance is required to read this file.
D.C. Al Fine

Threat Entity Database Entry


UTE-1666-Goodrick-Freudchild, being examined by Prof. Walter J. Wesen

Threat ID:

UTE-1666-Goodrick-Freud ("La Tinta Roja")

Authorized Response Level:

4 (Severe Threat)


UTE-1666-Goodrick-Freud refers to an unknown thaumatological phenomenon that occurs at random intervals. During an occurrence of this phenomenon, one or more subjects1 will be affected, triggering backlashes that irreversibly alter their Elan Vital Energy patterns2.

According to the gathered evidence, subjects affected by UTE-1666 will present radical behavioral changes for approximately eleven minutes and six seconds after the event, which may widely vary between individuals, but always tends towards aggressiveness and compulsive behaviors.

The skin of affected subjects will become considerably more fragile, usually triggering bleeding with relative ease. Affected subjects will not exhibit signs of pain or other symptoms caused by blood loss, which, once the behavioral changes manifest, will begin to experience several chemical and molecular changes resulting in a partially fluorescent and dense liquid similar to red ink, designated UTE-1666-Goodrick-Freudchild.

The consumption of UTE-1666-child will result in <CLASSIFIED LEVEL Q BY ORDER OF GOC HIGH COMMAND>, unlike the original affected subject. Notably, UTE-1666-child's effects won't disappear or dissipate after the subject to which it belonged is killed or otherwise eliminated and, on the contrary, seem to increase.

Engagement Rules:

Subjects affected by UTE-1666 are to be engaged by trained or deep cover operatives only due to the affected subject's inherent hostility towards human beings. Agents are to capture and transfer to a Coalition headquarters without causing any physical harm that may provoke massive bleeding due to the imminent risk of cross-contamination.

In the event of an attack with no alternative, it is suggested to confront the subject with the use of a firearm for safe neutralization. If that is not possible, the operative is to obscure the subject's range of vision, either through physical damage or using distraction maneuvers.

If the affected subject has spilled UTE-1666-child on the surroundings, the area is to be decontaminated via incineration, as well as the non-essential equipment that might have been in contact with the substance. Operatives infected with UTE-1666-child will be either terminated or subjected to special purification thaumaturgical rituals, as deemed appropriate by the GOC High Command or the Headquarters Director in question.


It is believed that the first time UTE-1666 came to the Coalition's attention was in 1935 after an incident occurred in Kannapolis, North Carolina, in which six teenagers were seen violently attacking passersby. The group of teens would be later shot down by local police forces, and the area was inspected by Assessment Team 1314 "Gehenna Ambassadors", discovering small samples of UTE-1666-child and various ritualistic symbols in a nearby abandoned building.

Said building was found to have been used in what was first believed to be a summoning thaumaturgical ritual, according to the appearance and possible nature of the many objects found inside, among which stand out chandeliers and pieces of cloth with the aforementioned symbols, and it was theorized that the teenagers were affected or possessed by several Tartarean Entities.

Investigations discovered all symbols found in the zone were non-anomalous and possessed no ritualistic properties nor thaumaturgical use, which led the assigned agents to believe the group had been affected by a spontaneous anomalous event, though this could not be confirmed as no similar cases occurred in the following years. Research into the incident ceased following a lack of leads.

However, the first confirmed occurrence of UTE-1666 happened in 1999, after the sudden murder of PHYSICS Agent Itzel "Duivel" Blisset in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina. The killer was later identified as Michael Hutchinson, an agent from the Federal Bureau of Investigations Unusual Incidents Unit who had been reported missing the previous day.

Quickly after that, PSYCHE Division's Ambassador Agent Lucero FernΓ‘ndez contacted the UIU and engaged in a series of diplomatic talks to discuss the implications of the incident. During said conversations, it was discovered that the UIU, thanks to an Information Exchange Treaty signed with the Horizon Initiative, had in its possession a document referring to the previously mentioned 1935 Incident (see PSYCHE RECORDS, EVIDENCE: TRINITY FILE) written by this group.

After both organizations reached an agreement, a Joint Research, Strike, and Assessment Team was created and received the codename "TRITONE"3. The Team Members were tasked with investigating UTE-1666 and collecting related information that other organizations might have discovered through the years.

Below is shown an excerpt of a dossier regarding the status and purpose of TRITONE.

In 2001, at the insistence of Agent Mathers, investigations were also conducted on the Council of 108, as well as the Global Occult Coalition itself, to verify if <CLASSIFIED LEVEL Q BY ORDER OF GOC HIGH COMMAND>. However, while the gathered evidence was being evaluated, on November 4th, 2001, KTE-β–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆ escaped and made its way to Dolente VII, where TRITONE and several other GOC and UIU personnel were housed and attacked them. Strike Team β–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆ was quickly sent to the area to liquidate the entity; however, during the process, the building collapsed, killing the entirety of the Team and the few survivors left, along with the KTE.

The claims made by Agent Mathers were disproved by several GOC Researchers shortly after TRITONE's official dissolution, on January 11th, 2002.



Special Observer: "Phisto" 48275290/TRITONE

Overview: A series of leaked documents from various anomalous organizations, both rival and allied, describing a particular phenomenon.

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