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What this is

This page hosts extensions, tools and scripts to alter and hopefully improve your site experience. If it's hosted here it should work on all browsers that the tool has been tested on. If they don't, or if you need the script to support your browser and it doesn't, report any bugs to the Tech Staff and they'll work on a fix.

What this isn't

An attempt to screw with your browser, your computer, or your life. Nor is it a vast conspiracy to steal those pics of you at the beach wearing nothing but a small guinea pig and assorted fruits. Seriously, these don't do anything other than modify your user experience on the SCP wiki.


An extension is a fully-fledged addition to your browser that is installed from your browser's extension and/or app store. Extensions will automatically update.




Description: A modular stylesheet picker that lets you independently adjust the layout, color scheme, logo, fonts, and rating module visibility. Includes sync capability so your preferences carry across browsers so long as you're signed in to Chrome or Firefox.

For bugs, tips or comments, contact pxdnbluesoul.


Verified working on: FF_icon.png Chrome_icon.png Opera_icon.png

External services

These are services operated externally by a member of the wiki.

Forum notifications

Description: Receive notifications, by your choice of Wikidot PM or email, of new replies to your forum threads and posts. For more details and instructions, see the announcement:

For bugs, tips or comments, contact Croquembouche.

Verified working: As of October 2021

User Styles

These are effectively CSS themes that you can apply to your entire reading experience on the wiki.

Night Mode



Description: Overwrites the default theme of the wiki and swaps it for a darker color scheme. This is only an aesthetic change and does not effect functionality. For further details on it's development, please follow the debug thread on the wiki which shows what it is and is not capable of.

For bugs, tips or comments, contact anqxyr or LurkD.

Verified working on: FF_icon.png Chrome_icon.png

Tampermonkey userscripts

A userscript is a single Javascript file that runs on your page. It is essentially a much smaller extension. Userscripts must be installed manually through a script manager such as Tampermonkey. These userscripts do not automatically update.

Staff Identification v2.1.1

Link: Click here to download/install



Description: Adds a title below the username to signify if a user is staff and what position they hold. May help you keep track of the shitload of staff we have to employ around here.

This script works on both the SCP Wiki and on O5 Command.

As of version 2.1.1 (Aug 2020), this script should automatically update itself. If you have a previous version of this script installed, you'll need to re-install by clicking the link above. Tampermonkey will warn you that you are trying to 'downgrade' — this isn't the case! Click the 'Downgrade' button anyway to get the latest version.

Verified working on: Chrome_icon.png (v2.1.1, Aug 2020) FF_icon.png Opera_icon.png (v2.0.0, Oct 2018)

The Jumpbox

Link: Click here to download/install



Description: Inserts a small textbox and button next to your account information at the top right of the screen. Jumpbox allows you to instantly jump to any article you want. Typing in only numbers will shoot you off to the relevant scip. Typing in a mix of letters and numbers, or only letters, will get you that page. So 'chat guide' will get the chat guide. Note that Wikidot takes care of the spaces in there, converting them to dashes.

Both an ENTER keypress and a click on the button work to submit.

Note: it doesn't check whether or not the page exists and it doesn't provide anything in the way of spelling correction.

Verified working on: FF_icon.png Chrome_icon.png Opera_icon.png (Oct 2018)

Previous/Next Buttons for SCPs

Link: Click here to download/install


Description: This provides "« Previous" and "Next »" links at the top of any mainlist SCP article. Works fairly fast, but does get slower when there's a lot of [ACCESS DENIED]s between the current page and the next eligible article. This is really only a factor in the lastest SCP series.

Verified working on: FF_icon.png Chrome_icon.png Opera_icon.png (Oct 2018)

PM shortcut

Link: Click here to download/install



Description: Adds a small envelope image to the right of usernames produced with the Wikidot [[user XXXX]] and [[*user XXXX]] syntax. Click on the envelope to go directly to a new Wikidot PM addressed to that user.

Verified working on: FF_icon.png Chrome_icon.png Opera_icon.png

Series pages dead link checker

Link: Click here to download/install



Description: Tells you whether or not there's still a title on the Series pages for articles that have been deleted. Inserts a div at the top of the page telling you that either there are no dead links, or the slots that still have a title, but no corresponding page.

Verified working on: FF_icon.png Chrome_icon.png


Link: Click here to download/install

Screenshot: N/A

Description: Hides the rating module, and modifies the rating link at the bottom to not show the current rating.

Verified working on: FF_icon.png

Outdated userscripts

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