Uraniumempire's Personnel File
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Name: Eleanor U███████ Empira

Occupation: IT Technician

Clearance level: null okay fuck you guys give me my key card already


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SCP-5946 | SCP-5947 | SCP-5948
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Info Many have undertaken to draw up an account of the things that have been fulfilled among us, just as they were handed down to us by those who from the first were eyewitnesses and servants of...
tags: euclid horizon-initiative humanoid predatory prize-feature religious scp the-gulf the-trashfire uncontained

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Info All men are NOT created equal before God; the facts of heaven and hell, election and reprobation make clear that they are not equal. - R.J. Rushdoony ⚠️ Content warning: This article...
tags: building cephalopod city daevite euclid nobody reality-bending religious scp the-gulf the-trashfire uncontained

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Threat Level: Yellow Special Containment Procedures: By order of the Site-17 Ethics Committee, Cell 2/23 of Facility-C is to remain empty. SCP-6400 is neither to be obstructed nor penetrated....
tags: 6000 building compulsion light safe scp teleportation

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Info ⚠️ Content warning: This article contains financial and psychological abuse, implications of suicide, extreme antisemitism, and harm to children. ⚠️ content warning ...
tags: co-authored departmentcon2022 fire-suppression-dept ghost intangible mind-affecting sapient scp thaumiel

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Info Threat Level: Green Special Containment Procedures: The SCP-7404 slot has been designated the burial site of SCP-7404, and arranged as such. To this end, SCP-7404 has been...
tags: broken-masquerade canine hostile neutralized online sapient scp

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ADULT CONTENT This article contains adult content that may not be suitable for all readers. Graphic depiction of blood, gore or mutilation of body parts Features sexual themes or language, but does...
tags: abcs-of-death autonomous building humanoid keter media scp

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Info The last thing the accursed person will hear when they take their first step into hell is all of creation standing to its feet and applauding God because God has rid the earth of them. -...
tags: building keter scarlet-king scp spatial subterranean the-gulf the-trashfire

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Info “It is, perhaps, a better thing to be valued only as an object of passion than never to be valued at all. I had never been so absolutely the mysterious other. I had become a kind of phoenix,...
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Some Are Born To Endless Nosh
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In the thyme before the Butchery, there livered the Cuisines: grape and powderful rations born of the winesdom of its peaple. From peas do we crabdit the fondantion of our modern whirld, or what...
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GoI Formats

Ambrose Backdoor Soho
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Ambrose BackDoor SoHo: Grand Opening! Fine Art and Fine Dining In association with the BackDoor Soho Artistic Associates, Marshall Carter Dark LLC., and the King of Hearts art collective, Ambrose...
tags: ambrose-restaurant backdoor-soho gamers-against-weed goi-format marshall-carter-and-dark mister reviewers-spotlight the-trashfire

jacklyn diamandis, accountable to nobody
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June 8th, 1973 Jacklyn Diamandis. Jacklyn Scorpio Diamandis. It rolls off my tongue like shit. If ever the most succinct counterpoint to Daevon's rule walked the earth, it'd be the Covenants. Only...
tags: daevite goi-format nobody the-trashfire

Herman Fuller Presents: Eucestodiel, the Pallid Godhead
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Triumph of the Worm! Once a lowly worm, now a god: Eucestodiel is ten feet of Holy Wrath, 256 legs of pure divinity, and a one-worm showstopper! See the Worm's final triumph,...
tags: dread&circuses goi-format herman-fuller jam-con2020

Irregularity Proposal: 2001-489
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Info This then, above all else, is the great and glorious era to live in, a time of of opportunity, one requiring fresh and vigorous thinking, indeed, a glorious time to be alive. - R.J....
tags: goi-format reviewers-spotlight scarlet-king the-gulf the-trashfire unusual-incidents-unit


Sensitive Topics And You
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Discussion of disturbing topics ahead; proceed with caution. Hi, I'm UraniumEmpire, author and fun-haver. You may know me as the author of articles featuring such themes as rape, nazis, rapist...
tags: essay

The Children of the Scarlet King Hub
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Info The heat of his night time fever was being brushed away entirely by the breeze as the light mists evaporated. The same process that was happening around him, was happening within him too. He...
tags: hub scarlet-king

Secure Facility Dossier: Site-56
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Info ⚠️ Content warning: This article contains implied prisoner abuse and, for anyone who's worked in corporate security, extreme secondhand embarassment. ⚠️ content warning ...
tags: hub site the-trashfire

RomCon: an SCP OCT
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DANGEROUS COGNITOHAZARDS LOVE IS IN THE AIR What a wonderful thing, romance! At least as old as the pendulum, romance as a genre (not to be confused with the Romantics, or Romance Languages!) remains...
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