Unusual Olive Garden

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Winchester 08/23/19 (Mon) 09:14:33 #17429441


the place in question.

Yesterday on August 22nd of 2019 my father believes that he witnessed something odd and graphic occur in an Olive Garden in Boston, Massachusetts. The following is a recounting of the event: it was a bit late in the evening so the only individuals present for the event were just him, an old man, a woman in her mid twenties and the Olive Garden staff. An employee went up to him and took his order. He ordered a Chicken and Shrimp Carbonara, and a sprite and was currently waiting to be served such. The employee scribbled it down in his pad, handed him a tray of breadsticks, and left. Bored, my father surveyed the area, he noticed that a woman wasn't given complimentary breadsticks from the Olive Garden. He presumed that they had just forgotten as she was there a few minutes before him yet he had breadsticks on his table. She ushered an employee over to her and asked about the reason as to why she hadn’t received any breadsticks. To my father the employee seemed to be about to inform her that they ran out. However apparently that was not what ended up happening. As at that very moment my dad thinks he saw the employee disgorge 5 intact breadsticks onto her table and then proceed to swiftly relocate to the kitchen. He also thought that it was so strange as to how relaxed and calm the other witnesses looked, even the guy that disgorged the breadsticks onto the table. Though the same could not be said for him as he quickly and frantically vacated the area soon after that.

Winchester 08/23/19 (Mon) 09:15:26 #17429441

That's all I could get out of him. I've also tried delving further into this, using the internet, public archives, etc but I always seem to come up blank. So basically I’ve hit a roadblock and was wondering if anyone else could enlighten me more on the nature of what happened on that night, maybe even give a concrete explanation for it! What better place to look for answers than Parawatch?

Loch 08/23/19 (Mon) 09:20:50 #13094832

Perhaps it was some elaborate publicity stunt? I mean he really did show Olive Garden’s dedication to their service with that. I mean it kind of mirrors Honda's giveaway campaign and state farm's “like a good neighbor State Farm is there” slogan, companies do seem to have focused more on hospitality with their advertising displays these days. This would also explain why everyone else in the Olive Garden didn’t seem that distressed. Your dad could have been exaggerating when he told you his story or a tad dazed when he was at the Olive Garden.

Winchester 08/23/19 (Mon) 09:22:05 #17429441

If that’s the case then it is a bit weird that they did it so late and in view of so few people. Then again there are those “do you know this guy” esque advertising campaigns so maybe! Also my dad is not the type to embellish things however I think he did take some Vicodin an hour or two before going to the Olive Garden so he could have been a bit out of it that night.

Masque 08/23/19 (Mon) 09:22:27#14527376

Nobody’s that committed to a minimum wage job

Parisian 08/23/19 (Mon) 10:51:27 #13627829

Man if that really was a publicity stunt, its a tad distasteful because based on what I've dug up about the place compared to other Olive Garden locations they've violated so many health codes, it apparently got so bad that they tried to not let the health inspector in the kitchen one time and I think Olive Garden even almost shut them down at some point because of how dirty the place was. Otherwise I can’t find anything else strange or suspect about the Olive Garden that you’re talking about.

TomatoAllergy 08/25/19 (Wed) 12:24:03 #12728372

I guess the world is small after all, I actually have a former classmate that worked at that very location around the time that you mentioned and they still do currently (assuming it was the Olive Garden at Beacon Street), I'll try to get in touch with them and ask them some questions about any strange experiences they have had there.

Winchester 08/25/19 (Wed) 12:28:41 #17429441

It was that Olive Garden! Please get back to me on this whenever you can!

TomatoAllergy 08/28/19 (Sat) 15:50:11 #12728372

Update: I got into contact with them today as I said I would, though unfortunately things didn't go quite as planned and I was unable to get much useful information as they sounded really dehydrated and drained so the quality of the interview is pretty low and because the conversation got heated relatively quickly resulting in them hanging up not too long after I called them.

TomatoAllergy 08/28/19 (Sat) 15:57:18 #12728372

I think they even ratted me out to their manager because I got a nasty phone call from their manager a few hours after they hung up. They went on and on about how a lot of the current generation needs to be taught some manners, and how they tried their best to give people the best service possible, which is kind of ironic because a few hours later I got a notification telling me that my order of tomato soup was confirmed, that was probably a glitch, for obvious reasons. (Do Olive Gardens even serve tomato soup usually?)

Winchester 08/28/19 (Sat) 15:58:44 #17429441

It sucks that you couldn’t get anything substantial but thanks for keeping me posted!

Parisian 08/28/19 (Sat) 16:01:23 #13627829

“The best service possible,” said the manager of one of the most rancid places on this planet.

Masque 08/28/19 (Sat) 16:05:29 #14527376

Cognitive dissonance moment

TomatoAllergy 08/28/19 (Sat) 24:42:17 #12728372


the fuck?

I was just roused awake in the middle of the night by some loud noises in my kitchen a few minutes ago, which sounded like someone breaking into and entering my house from the backdoor, snooping around for a bit, and then throwing up. Although that last part I’m not a hundred percent sure about. As there were several moments when it sounded more like they were grinding out sludge through their nose. I waited until I felt like whoever was downstairs left to leave my bedroom and investigate and after looking around I found my backdoor broken down and this shit in my kitchen. I’m calling the police.

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