The Unusual Investigations of Kenneth Spencer and Robin Thorne

While Kenneth Spencer and Robin Thorne are among the Bureau's most competent and qualified agents with experience in paranormal affairs, I cannot recommend that any efforts be made to recruit them.


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From Sasha Merlo (AD of Task Forces, Site-64)
Subject RE: UIU Agents Spencer & Thorne
To Edgar Holman (Director, Site-64)


As per your request, here is my finalized report about Agents Spencer and Thorne. It should provide a comprehensive summary of the intel provided by FID and DoA, complemented by some of my own observations from working with the two agents in the past. Additionally, I took the liberty of reaching out to my counterpart in the UIU for additional information; he agreed to share several of the Bureau's files regarding the duo as part of a larger information exchange (see my earlier memo about Op. Dyson Spotter for details). I've gone ahead and included these files as an addendum to my original report.

Finally, because it's pretty obvious why you're asking about these two, I'll repeat my recommendation from the conclusion of the report.

While Kenneth Spencer and Robin Thorne are among the Bureau's most competent and qualified field agents with experience in paranormal affairs, and despite both possessing a familiarity with the Foundation and its methods, I cannot recommend that any efforts be made to recruit either of them. This recommendation is based largely on an analysis of the detrimental effect such a move would cause to the operational capabilities of the Unusual Incidents Unit, potentially compromising the mission of JTF Delta-3 and hindering the pursuit of Foundation interests within the Three Portlands LoI.

I trust you'll make the right call.

Sasha Merlo
Assistant Director of Task Forces, Site-64

Quid Pro Quo

When the Foundation's Agent Sasha Merlo offers the UIU a gift, Thorne finds themself hard pressed to return the favor.

  • Vital Signs — A clandestine meeting in a coffee shop, an excursion to a library outside of space, and an illegal search of the headquarters of a community leader. How far will Thorne go to repay a favor? Written by GreenWolf
  • Circumstances — A poor performance, a daemonic pact, and a leap of faith. What is the cost of repaying a favor, and is it worth it? Written by GreenWolf

The Three Portlands Bomber

When a cryptic bomb threat mysteriously appears in Three Portlands, Spencer and Thorne are forced to team-up with the Foundation's Agent Green to locate the bomber.

  • Permanent Waves — A pair of UIU agents and a chain-smoker hunt for a bomb that might not even exist in the weirdest city not in this world. Just a typical week in Three Portlands. Written by GreenWolf
  • A Farewell To Kings — Their investigation into the identity of the Three Portlands Bomber takes the trio to Backdoor SoHo, where they find themselves caught up in a deadly chase. Written by GreenWolf
  • Moving Pictures — The hunt for the Three Portlands Bomber culminates in a climactic wizard duel in a museum of illegal art. Written by GreenWolf

The Body Electric

When an assassination attempt on an American congressman reveals him to be an android, Spencer and Thorne pursue the conspiracy back to its source — Vincent Anderson.

  • The Eagle's Eye — Androids are infiltrating Congress, and there's only one obvious suspect. Thorne and Spencer know that Vincent Anderson is responsible, but can they prove it? Written by GreenWolf
  • The Falcon's Flight — The law has finally caught up with Vincent Anderson. All that's left is to catch him. Written by GreenWolf

Other Investigations

  • Portland Vice — A Foundation mage and her partner investigate a Seance Dust ring based out of Three Portlands, with some help from the UIU. Written by Jacob Conwell
  • A Dark, Forsaken Candle — When wizards from the ICSUT Portlands Class of 2014 start turning up dead, Thorne is forced to team up with a former classmate, now estranged after joining the Foundation. Written by Jacob Conwell
  • The Blackbird and The Falcon — Anderson Robotics has operated with near impunity for decades, out of reach of the Foundation and too powerful for the UIU to tackle. But that's about to change. Written by Jacob Conwell
  • End of Line[Divergent Canon] — Although his company is gone, Anderson still has another trick up his sleeve. JTF Delta-3 intends to make it his last. Written by Jacob Conwell

Related Files

  • The Phoenix, The Nightingale, and The Magpies — The mother of Robin Thorne was a decorated UIU agent, a powerful battlemage, and the founder of the Mobile Occult Operations Team. But before she was Florence Thorne, she was Florence Elsinger, the flaming sword of the Foundation and the spearhead of MTF Delta-3 ("Solomon's Hand"). Written by GreenWolf
  • When Parallel Lines Diverge — Two UIU agents find themselves going in the same direction along different paths. Written by Jacob Conwell and GreenWolf
  • UIU Location Dossier — "Three Portlands" — The City of Three Portlands is an independent city-state under American hegemony, the largest paranormal enclave of North America, and one of the most populous locations entirely concealed behind the Veil. Written by GreenWolf
  • UIU Location Dossier — "Paramax" — The United States Penitentiary, Paranormal ADX, is an administrative maximum security federal prison designed and constructed to contain inmates of a paranormal or occult nature, from which there has never been a successful escape. Written by GreenWolf
  • Anderson Robotics Hub — Anderson Robotics is a Three Portlands paratech firm specializing in the development and sale of anomalous robots, androids, artificial intelligence, computer programs, and cybernetics. Written by Jacob Conwell
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