Unusual Incident Unit's Case Files - Classified
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The following is a collection of cases and disturbances investigated by the Unusual Incidents Unit of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. These cases date from the founding of the division, but are in no means comprehensive.

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Disturbance Event Description: A steam-engine locomotive was seen flying above several southern US states. The altitude was too great to get a distinct description, and the train had disappeared by the time flights could be taken to look for it. Possibly an incident of mass hysteria.

Agent(s) Involved: N/A

Date of Disturbance: ██/██/████

Location: Alabama, Missouri, Georgia

Follow-Up: Newspaper articles suppressed, six photographs confiscated as evidence.

Disturbance Event Description: A tin can that apparently cannot become scuffed or damaged was donated to the Bureau by an anonymous source. After being held for 30 days, it took motion and rolled out of the building. Its current location is unknown.

Agent(s) Involved: N/A

Date of Disturbance: ██/██/████

Location: Bureau Offices

Follow-Up: An investigation of the surrounding area produced no results. Currently pending further investigation.

Disturbance Event Description: Residents of Seattle, Washington reported seeing silhouetted figures in their mirrors, with some reports of disfigured humanoids. These figures would usually attempt to mock the viewers, with exaggerated gestures behind them in the mirrors. Agents determined that this was due to pervasive leaks in the gas of each affected home.

Agent(s) Involved: Agent Fredericks

Date of Disturbance: ██/██/████

Location: Washington

Follow-Up: Maintenance tools were sent to the other homes in the area for preventative maintenance of their homes.

Disturbance Event Description: Everyone in Miami, FL, receives a phone call from an unused phone number, asking them for help in a panicked voice before disconnecting. Agents collected records from the phone company, and interviewed every person called. It is possible that this was a prank.

Agent(s) Involved: Agent Fredericks

Date of Disturbance: ██/██/████

Location: Miami, FL

Follow-Up: Literature was distributed to the general population supporting the prank hypothesis.

Disturbance Event Description: Numerous soap bubbles were spontaneously generated in the home of former Congresswoman Jeannette Rankin. After being unable to discover a source, she contacted the police. When they arrived, the entire home was filled with bubbles. When agents were dispatched, the event had largely dissipated.

Agent(s) Involved: Agent Fredericks

Date of Disturbance: ██/██/████

Location: Private residence.

Follow-Up: No action taken.

Disturbance Event Description: A large, animate mass of mud with the voice of Senator Joseph McCarthy appears and attacks people on the Washington D.C subway, talking in a monotone voice about communism. After maiming 11 riders, it escaped into a sewer drain after being confronted by Bureau agents.

Later in the day, it reappeared in a local park, killing 2 people before being destroyed with a water cannon. Witnesses were given non-disclosure agreements and placed under total surveillance. One agent was injured, but will make a full recovery.

Agent(s) Involved: Agent Hart, Agent Burrs, Agent Backstrom

Date of Disturbance: ██/██/████

Location: Washington, D.C

Follow-Up: Plainclothes riders sent on the subway for the next few months, damages were repaired by the Bureau to inspect where the creature may have originated from; no source found.

Disturbance Event Description: A corn farming community in Iowa reported seeing a small child-like figure made out of locusts wandering through their fields, and was seen tearing entire stalks of corn out of the ground and "devouring" them whole. In addition, tractors and other farm equipment were jammed or stolen, small animals and two children disappeared, and "grinding" noises were heard over phone lines.

The dispatched agents arrived at the scene, and were able to find the entity in a cornfield, and confirmed the witness statements. After documenting the disturbance, it was destroyed with insect poison in aerosol form.

Agent(s) Involved: Agent Pena, Agent Byrne.

Date of Disturbance: ██/██/████

Location: Iowa

Follow-Up: New seed issued to farmers with affected crops. Tools were replaced, and missing children were explained as runaways.

Disturbance Event Description: An avalanche of snow suddenly stopped for 11 hours, directly above a small skiing site in Fairbanks, Alaska. After the initial stop, animate snowmen began walking into the town, assaulting residents, and taking them to the ski community. When the avalanche resumed, the fatalities were significantly higher due to these abductions.

Agents who were sent to Alaska found that all evidence of the event had been destroyed by the snow, making suppression of information easier than expected.

Agent(s) Involved: Agent Pimintel, Agent Alleyn

Date of Disturbance: ██/██/████

Location: Fairbanks, Alaska

Follow-Up: Incident was reported to be a mass hallucination as a result of plant spores entering the local water supply. Evidence of the occurrence was confiscated, and several samples of the autonomous entities were collected, then discarded after they proved to be thoroughly ordinary.

Disturbance Event Description: A pear tree in Atlanta, GA, became animate, and began to assault local colored persons, using peaches as projectiles and by crushing them with its branches. When Agents were dispatched, there were 14 injuries, two of them being serious.

The entity was destroyed by luring it to a side road away from the area, and detonating a cache of dynamite that had been planted beneath the street. The injuries were blamed on criminal activity.

Agent(s) Involved: Agent Barrows, Agent James, Agent Garret

Date of Disturbance: ██/██/████

Location: Atlanta, GA

Follow-Up: Remains of tree were collected as evidence.

Note: Tree had been the site of several lynchings between 1899-1918.

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