Unusual Cargo Hub
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The Foundation is not an ancient institution.

Before its formation, there were many different groups which protected and secured anomalous artifacts. The most well-documented among them is The Commission on Unusual Cargo.

In 1623, a merchant officer of the East India Company named Othaniel Trower was appointed to lead a Commission for the purpose of containing and protecting peculiar cargo under the East India Flag, and to keep both the cargo and the East India Company safe from theft. The Commission and its initial regents took this task to heart, and collected a number of objects and entities, retaining Cargo Manifests to describe both the contents of the cargo and how to store it.

A Difference of Opinion

In 1649, The East India Company, who was at war with several large bands of privateers, demanded that the Commission use its stockpile of Unusual Cargo to defeat the East India Company's enemies. Trower, not wishing to see the Cargo utilized to give any one group political power, withdrew from the East India Company and the Commission disappeared, all of its members becoming outcasts of the East India Company overnight.

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