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Creeping at 10 under the speed limit
I white knuckled the steering wheel of my truck

Even with a full moon
The dark and fog made it difficult to see

I was terrified about three D's

  1. drunk drivers
  2. damn cops
  3. and a type of animal whose names I dare not even think, lest I summon it

The silver fog parted in front of us
As we crept through the lush darkness
The rural road gently twisted and turned
We passed by old farm houses
Dilapidated, but livable

Silhouette against the glare from the moon
Shadows of trees rose

We passed a yellow sign
On the sign was a simple image

An image of the creature that heralds injury and death


a warning

We slowed down 5 more
With a total of 15 under the speed-limit
We cursed under our breath at the snail's pace

Images of the demonic cervine crossed my mind

I slammed on the brakes

There was only fog

Heart pounding I started up again
And cruised at 15 below the posted limit

I saw red and blue lights behind me
I shook like a leaf

The cop drifted through the fog
I silently said to myself as I frantically grabbed for paperwork
I'm going slow. Never mind the fog and…
My mind expunged thoughts of the white-tailed forest denizen

He swaggered up to us with his flashlight pointed to my eyes

"Sir, do you know how slow you were driving?"


"What's going on here? Did you have anything to drink? Or smoke?"


"Are you sure about that?"


He took my paperwork
On his return,

"Are you sure you haven't had anything to drink? Or smoke?"


"Why are you shaking then?"

I'm afraid of the deer.

Internally I swore at myself
I said the name of the curséd thing out loud
But to be fair I had to say it's name for the cop

If I was vague that would raise further suspicion from him
When none was warranted

"I understand sir. Have a safe drive!"

He let me off with no warning and no ticket
Although my insurance was expired

I turned my engine over
And meandered off into the fog
Around the bend the forest opened up into endless corn fields

The fog lessened and I turned on my brights
It helped only marginally
I felt my tired mind was rotting from exhaustion and stress

Heavy, my eyes drooped
I slapped myself in the face

The sting woke me up

A single headlight appeared over a hill in front of us
I turned my brights off and breathed heavily

The singular light approached slowly
Inching my way closer to it
I considered how to dodge it in the event it was a drunk driver

My anxieties passed as the light came with no incident

It had been a motorcyclist
Who in all likelihood was more scared of me than I was of him

Godspeed, braver than any troop

I turned the brights back on as
My truck and I crept through a small village



We were already at the posted speed
We slowed down 5 more regardless

The main intersection of the village
Was only a four way stop
With a convenience store and a church kitty corner

Though the fog was thick
I could see no passers-by
We continued on

The rotted insides of my head
Felt like it was replaced by corn
Exhausted, and stressed
My head pounded

Shadows rose ahead
A forest again

The road gently curved as it entered the woods
My eyes hung tired
I slapped myself again

The sting jolted me awake

I turned my brights off as the fog thickened
My vision wasn't any better than before
My eyes hung heavy
I slapped myself again

The sting lessened

Tall, thin spindles of legs appeared
I slammed on my brakes
The silhouette of the harbringer of death appeared before us

My eyes tired
I saw the lanky demon as three times the truck's size
And darker than the night
A faint halo orbited around the buck's antlers
Could those meandering, menacing branches even be considered antlers?
The thing from beyond the dark towered over us


From terror, awe, and exhaustion, I passed out

Next I remember is waking up in the hospital
Finding out I had survived a crash with my truck wrapped around a tree

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