Universal Collision
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Universal Collision
Aliases - SCP-3582, KTE-4127-Parallax-Bosch, 2018-027
Summary - Universes Golf-Alpha-Sierra-64 and
Golf-Alpha-Sierra-63's collision, resulting in overlapping or
duplicated geometries, among other reality alterations.
Threat: Max threat. Reality alterations:
1) Overlapping/duplicated geometries and/or areas
2) Incorrectly working Ways- resulting in being sent to
other universe's Way, being sent to banned areas,
or not working
3) Multiuniversal anomalies not working correctly
Plan - Research for possible way to avoid complete change
of humanity into . Abominations are two fused
organisms. Avoid entering or exiting dimensional gateways.
Extra-dimensional areas are usually safe- stay in them often.
Possible ways to prevent catastrophe:
- Create new border between universes
- Reverse separation
- Evacuate to separate universe
Updates: Moon has doubled in mass, now has an irregular path
increased rate of natural disasters expected. Confirmed.
- Constellations and major star formations changed.
- Night sky completely changed; too bright to look at.
- High global death rates.
- Increase of disasters far higher than expected
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