'Unicorn Horn' (HYTCH/8FNE6/B77KT)

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Status Selling
Demand High
Value 500USD/400GBP per Capsule (50 mg) (Pure), 2500USD/2000GBP per Brick (500 g) (Impure)
Availability Established Supply Chain
Identifier Powdered Unicorn Horn
Description Items are a powdered form of unicorn horn, available in pure form as edible capsules suitable for human consumption, and in an impure form as bricks for use as an industrial pesticide. Items act as a powerful retrocausal contraceptive, eliminating all physical effects of sexual intercourse and reproduction. The impure form of the item contains several additives that render it ineffectual on mammals and other vertebrates.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, Ltd.

Initial Report
Author Hugo Boyle Date March 03, 1930
Interest Medium Identifier Powdered Unicorn Horn
During the recent Prometheus Laboratories expedition in Lapland, a herd of wild unicorns — previously believed to be extinct — was discovered. The expedition leader, Irwin Trask, recognizing the value of these beasts, directed his party to capture the creatures and had them transported back to London for study. As repayment for our assistance in financing the expedition, Prometheus Labs has gifted us three breeding pairs, along with copies of Trask's notes regarding the animals.

Historically, the unicorn was believed to posses numerous occult and paranormal properties, resulting in its being hunted to near extinction by those attempting to use the animals for ritual or medicinal purposes. Modern testing has verified some of these beliefs; most notably, the horn of the unicorn, when ground into a powder and ingested, reverses the effects of sexual intercourse. More specifically, it reorders physical reality so that the consumer will have never had intercourse, restoring the body (but not the mind) to a virgin state — and incidentally curing venereal diseases and killing any living offspring.

It is my recommendation that we use the breeding pairs provided to us by Prometheus Labs to establish a steady supply of unicorn horn, which can then be sold as a contraceptive, curative, and assassination tool.
File Opened Under: HYTCH/8FNE6/B77KT
Marshall, Carter and Dark, Ltd.

Inventory Information
Owner Quantity Comments
Marshall, Carter and Dark, Ltd. 20 tonnes Represents current stockpiled supplies of raw horn.
Prometheus Laboratories, Inc. 2 tonnes Supplier of the insecticide additives; Primary contractor for pesticide production.
ICSUT ~460 capsules Used as a thaumaturgical aid by certain members of the faculty. Reagent in certain alchemical formulas.
Global Occult Coalition ~300 capsules Believed to be for medical use.
The Foundation 5 capsules Scientific samples kept for analysis.
Customers (Individual) ~1300 capsules Used as a form of birth control and treatment for STIs.
Customers (Industrial) 5 tonnes Used as an industrial and agricultural pesticide.
Other ~500 capsules Various private individuals with diverse needs.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, Ltd.
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