Under the Sea
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I must tell you this now, as I am growing old and the knowledge cannot die with me. The world as you know it is wrong. We are all passengers in a great craft, from which we will one day be released. I have seen it all, and know. There are things outside of us, that we cannot see or know. I have seen them, and I know them. Come closer, and be enlightened.

Some want to make contact.

Greetings fellow dweller of the deep. May we extend the limb of comradeship? We are the ambassador of the Commonwealth, and we have been traveling through and long, trying to rediscover the homeland.

Greetings! We are the Commonwealth, and we extend a gesture of compliance to you and the inhabitants. If you can open relations, we would be very appreciating of your time and space.

Does your ship not have the space to enter? Our visor is telling us to be negative, and you are not how we thought you were going be be expecting of us. Sorry for your troubles.

Some confuse me, even now.

We are not here, but we don't want to talk to you. You're not something rare, pretty commonplace in the land. Nothing is frightening and nothing is good, we're going to be here then, and let us know nothings around.

While we get here, maybe you could turn the temperature down? It's a little bit too cool up there.

Some cannot comprehend the scale of our carrier.

Ed's rolling. He's rolling because he needs to get around.

Ed bumped. Well, he guesses he'll have to try again.

Bumped. Didn't work, but that can't stop Ed. Just try again.

Try again.

Ed's getting pretty sick and tired of this. Where can Ed roll? The big dead bed in front of Ed's head is blocking the road ahead.

Maybe Ed can roll around. He'll try that now.

Ed bumped. Well… there's always next time. Ed can just try again.

A few do not realize their own chaotic nature.


Just JOKE. This is not ready to BOOM!, because even though BOOM! is TRUTH we have to go AROUND so that WORK can be DONE because WE NEED TO FINISH.

The MATTER is PAST the MIDDLE! This is WHY we need to go BY!

Well, we get it. Don't want to GO?

We're sorry. Must not be done yet! Come back later to see.

A small number are almost more ancient than us.

Puttering and clattering through the bottom fed, just keep swimming through the rock.

We're always here swimming, around and around and around.

We can go in any rock, right?

We'll need the rock.

See the bigger hollow rock. We can't go in that rock yet.

Too bad.

There are some who croon with our home

We can sing the song in symphony

Sing along, sing the song

You are the ancient mystery, and we hope you come down soon

Don't fret or forget, just enjoy the show

There are also a number of beings with… hatred, contempt, and disgust for us. Their words are vile and cruel, and they lie in wait. Be wary of them, for your generation may be the one which must fend them off, and reach the stars.

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