SCP-2084: Undated Instant Message Correspondence

Note: The following conversation was recovered from a ███████ ████ Messenger (an instant messaging service) log recovered from an intact computer hard drive located within SCP-2084 between "Agent Locke" and an unknown individual believed to be the agent's sibling. Records of "Rhiannon Locke" turn up nothing of interest.

Contents are made available to all Level 2 personnel and above assigned to SCP-2084. No content has been altered save for formatting changes. Log was apparently copied onto hard drive and edited at a later date. It is unknown what changes, if any, were made.

(01:22:15) P_Locke: Hey.

(01:23:01) P_Locke: I know you're there, I saw you about to type something

(01:23:55) subhuman-mongrel: u try to see. u pride yorself on your perception. but you cant claim blindness any longer

(01:25:00) P_Locke: You can't drop the "charismatic cult leader" act for your own sister, even?

(01:25:11) subhuman-mongrel: what act?

(01:26:40) P_Locke: Rhiannon, this is different from Key Biscayne, -I- might get in trouble.

(01:27:02) subhuman-mongrel: you think i didn't forsee this and plan accordingly?

(01:28:11) P_Locke: I know you don't give a shit, but think about me— you get yourself proscribed, the Foundation will start asking me questions and trying to use me to get to you

(01:30:05) subhuman-mongrel: theyre coming to get meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!111eleventyone11!! Ho ho hoooooo! Men In Black with their amnesty memory erasers- who am i? ur who we say u are now

(01:33:12) P_Locke: I said they'd come after ME. They're not like you think, not like the feds, but if they know what I told you, I won't be able to contact you for a while.

(01:37:01) P_Locke: Are you listening to me you prick?

(01:40:26) subhuman-mongrel: speekin of which, how'r the hormones treating you, Prissy?

(01:41:00) P_Locke: I hate you

(01:41:17) subhuman-mongrel: <3<3<3

(01:41:22) subhuman-mongrel: ok fine

(01:41:25) subhuman-mongrel: srs talk

(01:42:00) subhuman-mongrel: I'm keepin it quiet. happy?

(01:42:14) P_Locke: That's not enough

(01:42:33) subhuman-mongrel: no amnesty drugs, baby sister. I know wut I know and I know I ain't gonna un-know what I know

(01:43:07) P_Locke: What do you know?

(01:45:50) subhuman-mongrel: I know that a small child was at Key Biscayne. she couldn't have been older than 4 or 5. the west civvies had guns on her because she wouldn't stop followin momma cuffed and chained up. the mongrels were foamin', and some dirty white boy with a cleanshaven face—a SIN in the eyes of GOD —wasn't ready to be in the shit. TRIGGER DISCIPLINE dont they teach that in th army?

(01:46:13) P_Locke: They were West-Civ local militia, not the army. And your cult drew first blood.

(01:48:44) subhuman-mongrel: the dirty white boys didnt even wait for her body to drop before they started to open fire on the rest of the mongrels. they didn't even bother to stop when their magazine subscriptions ran low. Did u honestly think the mongrels would squeal and say uncle? Remember when u taught me how to make a molotov, you dirty jeckel?

(01:49:14) P_Locke: You shouldn't have said that just now.

(01:49:59) subhuman-mongrel: No free speech for the race traitor? freedom is only free for the WHITE MAN. you shoulda stuck with them, Prissy, theyd keep you as one of their own. Instead u choose to be a "phony". You know the laawwwwww Prissy; nothing stops them from killin you. Everyone knows you're a fake.

(01:51:48) P_Locke: I told you already, the Foundation isn't like that. And you haven't answered me.

(01:52:10) subhuman-mongrel: Anna Basset?

(01:52:15) P_Locke: Yes.

(01:55:11) subhuman-mongrel: I know Anal Bassist is apposed to go up. UP. UP in space. Up in time. I know Anal Bassist is a fffffffffraud. u oughtn't have shown me those pics, Prissy

(01:56:20) P_Locke: What do you mean a fraud?

(01:57:10) subhuman-mongrel: You know. U no. Ewe neaux.

(01:57:44) P_Locke: Assume that I don't.

(01:58:07) subhuman-mongrel: u want on record just how badly u fucked up

(01:58:15) subhuman-mongrel: fine

(01:59:40) subhuman-mongrel: I saw those pics and I read those experiments. Uou saw the numbers. 1, 2, 5, 7, 80, 6200. killo-meters, you said. Killo-meters, you believed. Am I wrong?

(02:00:03) P_Locke: It is. The tests showed that.

(02:01:32) subhuman-mongrel: test 1 encompassed a third of the room. test 2 encompassed the whole room. I kno Killy-meeders ain't as big as imperial Miles, but that's not even fuckin close, do u see?

(02:02:02) P_Locke: What

(02:04:11) subhuman-mongrel: Oh no, little girly, was that pterodacted and sponged? I kno the men in black love X-sponging the truth. Have u so badly failed math, baby girl?

(02:05:32) P_Locke: No

(02:06:00) subhuman-mongrel: then you are just as guilty. Speak your crime, Prissy. confess your sin

(02:07:41) P_Locke: You act like we did it intentionally. It's not ours, Rhie—we found it like that, and we can't just "fix it" like a fucking cable box. this is above and beyond anything we can understand. We can't afford to lose it now.

(02:08:50) subhuman-mongrel: Fly, little birds, fly away. Leave us to ur mess, cowards

(02:10:10) P_Locke: You expect us to just tell everyone? "Sorry, if you don't live here, you're fucked"?

(02:11:30) subhuman-mongrel: They would eat you by your own light

(02:12:02) subhuman-mongrel: But who cares. youll be safe, the Omg 5ives will be safe, every man in black who matters will be safe.

(02:13:40) subhuman-mongrel: how many Anabasioi are there, Prissy?

(02:14:00) P_Locke: One

(02:14:43) subhuman-mongrel: You're lying to me Prissy and if you lie to me I will block you and then you will be forced to pick up the fucking phone and actually talk to me.

(02:15:02) subhuman-mongrel: How Many Anabasis machines are there in your custody, in the world, Priscilla Locke?

(02:16:10) P_Locke: One

(02:16:12) user subhuman-mongrel appears to be offline

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