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welcome to my author page.
check out this art of fae wilson and holly wondertainment

art by raddagher

things i (and others) have written

scp-3297- Gramma Always Remembers
scp-3358- Anomaly apartments Site 316 (featuring JanitorCakeworthJanitorCakeworth)
scp-3803- Custom Business Cards on the Go
scp-3923- Negotium Ficus
scp-4003- On Cowboys, Catholicism, and the Cretaceous (featuring SecretCrowSecretCrow and Papa SenPapa Sen)
scp-4299- I See Life In Rosy Hues (featuring HotColesHotColes)
scp-4949- Dr. Wondertainment's dr playtime kit for the kiddos™ ft. dado (featuring Gabriel JadeGabriel Jade ) CW: Child Abuse, Gore
scp-3879- Musical Jolly Ape™ by Dr. Wondertainment
scp-2983- Choco-Wonder Explosion Marshmallow Bites!™ by Dr. Wondertainment (featuring DarkStuffDarkStuff)
scp-3756- In Space, No One Can Hear Yee-Haw! (featuring Gabriel JadeGabriel Jade)
scp-4988- Outsourced Customer Service Contact Center Solutions by APP Inc (featuring fishingenthusiastfishingenthusiast)
scp-3863- Hole-y Cow! I Can't Bee-Lieve it! CW- Gore
scp-1712 - An Unusual Occurrence On August 11th, 1959 - (REWRITE) original by anonymous
SCP-3867- ♡♡♡Sweet Cats & Perfect Dogs!♡♡♡ (featuring Captain KirbyCaptain Kirby) CW: Gore, Animal Abuse
SCP-4512 - A Goddamn Filthy Teleporting Party Pool (featuring WoedenazWoedenaz, Jade SkylarJade Skylar, and RounderhouseRounderhouse)
SCP-020-J - A Pale Comparison
SCP-3874 -Six-Hundred to One
SCP-4206 - The Weighing of the Heart ( featuring Jade SkylarJade Skylar) CW: Animal Abuse
SCP-3657 - Posthumous Hero (REWRITE) original by WestrinWestrin
scp-4522 - The Mystical Village of the Jade Peach (featuring WoedenazWoedenaz)
SCP-4726 - G A M E R M I L K
SCP-4311 - I care about you. (featuring NatVoltaicNatVoltaic) CW- Emotional Abuse, Gaslighting
SCP-4046 - What do you want to be when you grow up?
SCP-4817 - Horseman Holiday Rentals in scenic King Louis XVI of France (featuring MaliceAforethoughtMaliceAforethought)
SCP-4256 - The Bootlegger's Press (featuring IhpIhp)
SCP-4176 - taxes (featuring djkaktusdjkaktus)
SCP-4056 - Nuclear Family Unit (featuring Captain KirbyCaptain Kirby)
SCP-371-J - peanut funi xd 🥜😂
SCP-4982 - Heavy lies the crown.
SCP-4468 - Take a Wish (featuring DarkStuffDarkStuff)
SCP-4967 - Thaumielvis
SCP-4934 - The House That Chuck Built
SCP-4026 - guardian "angel" CW: Suicide
SCP-4432- mr mister by dado
SCP-5555 - Made in Heaven (featuring RounderhouseRounderhouse and A Random DayA Random Day) CW: Violence
SCP-5231 - 127.0.0.WAN
SCP-5047 - Apartment Hunting
SCP-654 - (REWRITE) Original by A Fat GhostA Fat Ghost
SCP-5057 - Señor Taste CW: Emotional Abuse
SCP-5148 - Qlippoth
SCP-5726 - Sparkling Magical Girl ♥ Darling Pink!! (featuring keyiikeyii)
SCP-5813 - Mr. President II (featuring J DuneJ Dune)
MDI-6726 - Emetic Ill Agent
SCP-3085 - Seasons Change (featuring SecretCrowSecretCrow) CW: Suicide
SCP-726-EX- The Dowsing Rod
SCP-6161 - Confectionary Knife (featuring aroncrimearoncrime)

my characters

hello yes
these are characters that I have created or have influenced the direction of greatly. though they aren't wildly popular, i figure i may as well include documentations of their appearances, personalities, traits, etc just in case you want to use one of them in your story/scp.

also if i find out you lewded any of them i will go to your house and you will be very sorry

like my stuff?

aw shucks, thanks. i'm open for collabs almost all the time, so just hit me up. it helps if you have an idea though, so don't just come up to me asking to write.

srs bznz

in the event something happens to me and i disappear for 5 years or die, i leave all my non-collab articles entrusted to aismallardaismallard, and all my collab articles with the respective co-authors. The only exception to this is moon champion's cinco de mayo extravaganza, which would be left to CadaverCommanderCadaverCommander. if i need to be contacted for whatever reason, NatVoltaicNatVoltaic, DolphinSlugchuggerDolphinSlugchugger, and VaraxousVaraxous have my phone number.UEQWeKN.png
art by hawkguyy
art by uncertaintycrossing
art by dr merlin_VI
art by uncertaintycrossing
art by dr whitney
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