UncertaintyCrossing's Art Page
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Heya, seems you've stumbled across my art page. I'm UncertaintyCrossing, an artist here on the SCP Wiki, author over on the Wanderer's Library, and also the owner of the SCP Amino for any of you who knows what that is. I have way too many nicknames to keep track of so feel free to call me whatever you know me by.

Regardless of all of that though, I specialize in digital art and decided it might be prudent to finally make an art page. Apologies if things are a bit sparse, I tend to be a tad slow when making new art pieces! I would probably best describe my art as a rough around the edges, leaning towards semi-realistic, with a focus on story and character.

If you're an author and would like art of your content, please do send me a message!
Do note that I'm a bit busy, so requests will be slow as of right now. I do best with characters, both humanoid and animal, but struggle with complex machinery and armor type stuff. So give me your humans and monsters and dogs and landscapes even but if you want art of a robot driving a car I will probably cry i am sorry.

Otherwise, thanks for stopping by and checking out my art! I hope you find it of interest.

On hiatus.

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