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Before you stands a tired Site Director - Basar, says the plaque on his desk. He's far past his prime and probably set to retire by the end of the year. In his hands is a folder filled with photographs, sketches, paintings, and more. With a small sigh he looks up at you.

"If you are looking for the owner of these artworks, you just missed it." He holds up the folder. "In fact, I was just on my way to file these away - this is an archive of older works from previous years. If you are here to take a look at them though," he sets the folder down between the two of you, "be my guest."

You pick up the folder and see it's divided into various tabs. As you look at what's scribbled on the cover - some writing and the symbol of an eye - Basar continues speaking.

"I have the artist illustrate some of the files here in the database or from other databases it stumbles across. It takes requests - especially to illustrate tales from the Library - if you can manage to get ahold of it. Which, on that note, if you wanted to see some more recent works from it, I would try to go find its sketchbook."

You thank Basar for letting you take a look through the folder. He gives you a polite nod as he exits.
Do you take a look inside?

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