La Marcha GrenaDEETa
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"…Now what have I got left? Paris. Maybe that's enough for some, but it isn't for me anymore. Because the more beautiful everything is… the more it will hurt without you," said Jerry.

"Jerry… don't let me leave you this way," said Lise.

The doctor sniffled as he watched intently, not wanting to miss any of his film. It might have taken a bit of convincing, but the Foundation didn't see anything inherently wrong with giving the doctor a DVD player and a copy of An American in Paris. Plus, for the researchers on duty, it was an amusing change of pace, watching him wipe his eyes as Gene Kelly and Leslie Caron sparked a romance under the picturesque Parisian sky.

"No Lise, don't do it, he's the perfect man for you!" the doctor commanded the film in front of him, "He's the cure to your woes, Lise! Please, you must reconsider!"

Doctor Omage laughed to himself from the safety of the security room at the desperation. He turned to his coworkers, smirking and gesturing towards the footage of the doctor's containment chamber, "Tell me this wasn't worth it. I know it was a weird ask, but he requested it himself; said he felt he needed a break and had never seen one before. Watching him is its own show!"

Researcher Vin and Researcher Craquelin gathered around the screen, unabashedly enjoying themselves.

"Give him a copy of Titanic next, I wanna see if he starts singing Celine Dion," Researcher Vin remarked.

"No, no, better yet," Researcher Craquelin interjected, "Dirty Dancing. You're lying if you say you've never wanted to see oh-four-nine cut a rug."

While the researchers debated on which films would be more fun to make their subject of interest watch, the doctor began to notice a commotion from just outside his wall that was interrupting his viewing pleasure. He reached over to the DVD player, briefly pausing it so he wouldn't miss the few precious minutes he had left of his film. The researchers in their brief moment of ignorance didn't see as the doctor had walked over to the wall of his cell and placed his ear against it, listening for what exactly had the gall to interrupt him.

In that moment an alarm blared throughout the entirety of Site-19, and the wall to the doctor's cell exploded in a fire of great magnitude, great justice, and great handsomeness. Don Quixote, donned in a suit of finely crafted kitchenware and sturdy duct tape, walked through the crater, the grin on his face revealing his excitement at the chaotic adventure forming around him.

"Good Doctor of Forty-Nine, today is the day of your liberation!" he announced, sword thrust in the air triumphantly.

Dr. Menard cleared his throat and rubbed his baggy eyes as he sat across the table from SCP-3774-2432. It had been a miracle that she had been resurrected with her memories considering the methods with which she was brought to life. Though, in his age he learned not to question if something should be logical when you're dealing with the anomalous. Sometimes things like that aren't worth the brain power.

"SCP-3774-2432," he started, "My name is Dr. Pierre Menard, and I'll be guiding you through this interview. We'll just be needing a few bits of information about your time with Merle Gilroy, if you'll be willing to answer them."

"My name is Leslie," she politely replied, "I know my, ah, designation is that number, but could you please call me Leslie?"

Dr. Menard looked tiredly at the mosquito giving him sass but resigned with a sigh, "Fine. Leslie. We'll need to address a few things about your time with Mr. Gilroy, as I just said. First, are you aware that what you were doing was not your mission?"

Leslie's wings flicked in a brief sign of nervousness, "Y-yes, I know that I wasn't… doing what I was supposed to."

She already knew that they were going to punish her, she just knew it. The times she shared with Merle on the couch watching romance movies and trying to eat a single piece of popcorn were nice, but they were against her directive. The times that she watched Merle go to sleep, watching the way his chest rose and fell in a calming rhythmic pattern, were lovely, but they were against her directive. All of the good times she had… they would get her punished and most likely killed.

Dr. Menard coughed as he wrote something in his clipboard. If one were playing close enough attention, one could hear Leslie's heart beating faster in the deafening silence of the interrogation room. After what felt like an incredibly uncomfortable eternity, Dr. Menard finished writing and looked back up towards Leslie.

"Am I in trouble?" Leslie blurted out.

A sigh left Dr. Menard's lips. "No, not this time. In fact, you inadvertently helped us achieve a greater understanding of bio-engineered cybernetics. You seemed to have some kind of awareness of your abilities, in fact, according to certain audio files."

"What do you mean by that?" Leslie asked in reply.

"You had children with that man. You're a mosquito and he's a human, and yet all four of them were born perfectly healthy," Dr. Menard stated. "You knew how to do it, you said it had something to do with his blood. How did you know?"

Leslie was stunned.


"Are my children alive?" Leslie asked, not sure whether to feel hope or despair. "I'm sorry for asking so many questions, but can you please just answer this one thing?"

"If it will help this interview go along faster, yes, your children are alive," Dr. Menard stated.

How could the House Foundation keep such a kind, noble man locked up? The Good Doctor of Forty-Nine sought only to help people, sought only to cure their diseases! As a champion of justice and nobility, Don Quixote knew that it was his duty to free this man so he may spread his cure throughout the world!

"Adventure awaits," Don Quixote announced, "you and I will assist people around the world, vanquishing evil in all of its forms! You with your medicine, and me with my rapier wit and swordsmanship!"

Rather than jumping at the idea of going on an adventure, The Good Doctor was simply looking down at a sparking black box. His fists were balled, as if something had angered him. Did he not realize who was standing next to him? Perhaps it would be wise to have proper introductions. Don Quixote took his own advice and walked towards him, looking as friendly and charismatic as always.

"Good Doctor, my apologies for the rude introduction! I should have begun with my name, but pardon me for being caught up in my own escapades. I am Don Quixote de La Mancha! A chivalrous knight on a quest which requires your assistance!" he proclaimed, "Do you accept the call to adventure?"

The Good Doctor turned achingly slowly towards Don Quixote, irritation rife in his gaze. Obviously he was not impressed by his display of friendliness.

"I do not care about your ravings, 'brave knight'. I had found a brevity in my life of turmoil, a moment of enjoyment between my duties. Now it is a smoldering wreck beneath a pile of reinforced concrete," he said quite rudely. "As much as I'd like to return to my work, and I appreciate the opportunity you have given, I am not going to go on your 'quest', you egotistical meathead."

Don Quixote let out a belly laugh, The Good Doctor had quite a way with words! As Don Quixote laughed, he barely noticed his new companion simply walking past him, not giving him any mind as he walked through the opening that was created for him. Don Quixote was confused; was he really so upset about a simple electronic box? Surely Don Quixote had made an error that he had not intended, and so it was his duty to repay it. Especially if he needed The Good Doctor's assistance with his journey ahead.

"Good Doctor, wait just a moment!" Don Quixote shouted back, "I have clearly made a mistake here in one form or another, and for that I am deeply sorry. I hope that there is some thing that I may do to regain your good graces, Doctor, for I was never here with intent to harm or befoul you."

The Good Doctor stood on the rubble, his hand resting on the wall of the blown-out crater. Don Quixote knew that if that poor man stayed unprotected out in the open for too long, he surely would perish at the hands of the House Foundation, or worse, become re-captured. Don Quixote needed to earn his trust, and he was prepared to do anything for it.

"I have heard of the tales of Don Quixote. It has been ages since I have last read such stories, but I can never forget his love for his Dulcinea. Such passion, such dedication, it's charming, really," The Good Doctor explained, "I may not have a love like he does. I may not ever have such a love."

Don Quixote walked up to him, putting a hand on his shoulder, "Is that what you want, Good Doctor? Do you seek companionship?"

"No," he shook his head, "But I do have a friend who could use it."

"SCP-4028 is loose? Where is he?" Dr. Menard said into his phone as the alarm blared, "He's here? At Site-19? Hijo de puta… I'm in the middle of an interview!"

Leslie stood still, panicked at what was happening. She was already mentally overloaded by the fact that her children were still alive, and now all of a sudden some potentially dangerous anomaly is loose within Site-19.

"Uh-uhm, Dr. Menard? I-is everything okay?" Leslie shuddered out.

"Hm?" Dr. Menard said turning towards Leslie, "Yes, everything's going to be fine. I'll be right back; stay here and don't you dare try to leave."

With that, Dr. Menard disappeared behind the exit door, leaving Leslie alone in the interrogation room with her thoughts. Her kids were alive, but where were they? Does that mean that Merle is alive? Are they together? Do they… remember her? Leslie didn't bother keeping track of the time.

Her train of thought was derailed as she suddenly heard something on the other side of the door. She hoped that that meant things were going to be okay, that whatever breach that had happened was over. As the door burst off its hinges revealing a mustachioed man clad in pots and pans, she knew that that was not the case.

"P-please sir, don't hurt me! I mean you no harm, I just-"

Leslie was interrupted by the man, "Do not fear, insect! I am here with intent to help and befriend!"

Don Quixote approached Leslie, shivering on the table, and gingerly picked her up on his finger. He peered her over, letting Leslie get a good look at his face as much as he was looking at hers.

"I am here on request of a mutual friend, The Good Doctor of Forty-Nine! We ourselves have our own adventure to go on, however he alerted me to your personal quest! And so, we raided the information stores of the House Foundation and found a parchment that we believe you would be quite interested in!"

"The good doctor… you're friends with him?" Leslie said in pleased confusion, "B-but… he said the best thing for me to do was comply! Dr. Menard is going to be-"

"Dr. Menard?" Don Quixote interrupted once again, "Dr. Pierre Menard?"

"Y-yes… do you know him too?" Leslie asked timidly.

Don Quixote let out a knowing chuckle, "If you are worried about Dr. Menard… do not worry. He's an old friend of mine, he will surely understand."

Before Leslie could reply, Don Quixote cupped Leslie in his hands and walked back out the door of the interrogation room. On the ground were two incapacitated guards, and standing above them was a very familiar figure.

"Doctor!" Leslie said through Don Quixote's fingers, "You really did help me escape!"

The doctor turned back to Leslie, "Hah, well, it wasn't exactly my idea, but if I were to escape this facility, it would be improper to let you remain in here. Especially considering you introduced me to the wonders of modern romantic cinema."

Leslie emulated a gasp and the doctor winked. She could tell from behind his mask that he was giving her a satisfied grin. He then reached into his pocket and pulled out a folded piece of paper, setting it on the desk next to him. He unfolded it gingerly for Leslie to see and Don Quixote set her down atop it. Leslie looked it over, before realizing exactly what they had delivered to her.

"Merle's alive! He's with our children!" Leslie exclaimed in joy, "And they're in… well, they're somewhere in West Virginia, but that at least narrows down the search!"

The doctor nodded, "Apologies for being unable to find an unedited file, in our rush we found what we could."

"Speaking of rushing," Don Quixote piped up, "We must flee! Adventure abounds, and we won't be doing much adventuring standing idly by! ¡Vamos amigos!"

The trio made their way beyond the offices and cells of Site-19, making their way through hallways until they reached the exit. Don Quixote and the doctor stood back and held the door for Leslie as she flew through. She turned back, and the doctor once again gave her a reassuring nod. She knew they needed to stay for whatever quest they needed to do, but her own call to adventure wasn't here. It was in West Virginia.

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