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"On the Whole, the Unusual Incidents Unit is a superfluous organization. If not for its relative usefulness during the Cold War under J. Edgar Hoover, it would not be around today."

-Foundation Liaison Howard Packard, 2005

"The Unusual Incidents Unit is, at best, occasionally useful. However, the majority of their agents are inexperienced with paranormal matters, and as a result, we do not believe that fully integrating them into the Veil would be an appropriate idea at this time."

John Lewis, S.R.S.G On Paranormal Activity, 2012

"There are three things you have to know about the USA if you're one of us: 1) Fuck the SCP. 2) Fuck the GOC. 3) Laugh at the UIU. Those fuckers couldn't kill a mammoth with a bazooka at point-blank range."


Over the years, the Unusual Incidents Unit of the Federal Bureau of Investigation has been the subject of several kinds of mockery, from being compared to sub-par but influential 1990s television programs to being outright called "UIUseless".

This is the story of two agents in this much maligned organization, and their adventures in a far-off land known as the Midwestern United States.

  1. Unusual Happenings - In which we are introduced to our protagonist.
  2. Another Boring Night - In which nothing happens on a stakeout.
  3. Taproots - In which something becomes ingrained into the psyche of our protagonists.
  4. Of Portals, Plasma Cannons and Other Boring Things - In which nothing of substance happens.
  5. Come Rest Your Head A While - In which our heroes return home, and things begin unraveling.
  6. Midnight Plane Going Anywhere - In which our heroes realize something alarming.
  7. It's Too Cold For You Here - In which a hiatus finally ends.
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