UIU File: 2019-031

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UIU File 2019-031: Trophy Husbands

Summary: A series of four anonymous tip offs to the FBI hotline reported a range of unusual occurrences taking place at 23 Cutts Avenue, Quantico, VA. The first of these tips was recorded on October 19, 2019, and the latest was recorded on October 28, 2019. These tips were forwarded to the UIU for further investigation.

Said occurrences always take a form consistent with haunting, including reports of people feeling “unwelcome” near the property, “banging and sawing” noises at random points throughout the day, and one report of a “ghost” sighting.

Investigating Agents:

  • Special Agent Mary Caulfield (Primary Contact)
  • Special Agent Scarlet McDonald

The exterior of 23 Cutts Avenue, Quantico, VA

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