UIU File: 2017-003
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On 12/13/17, a secure flash drive containing the following document emerged from SCP-1437, accompanied by a human corpse wearing unidentifiable military fatigues. Following analysis, the document was identified as an internal record from the Unusual Incidents Unit Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. It is currently unknown how a UIU document was sent through SCP-1437, as all documents emerging from the anomaly to date have consisted of Foundation analogue records.

Additionally, at the time of this document’s emergence from SCP-1437, all four Kant detectors located around the anomaly failed simultaneously. Later analysis of their failure states revealed that all four devices recorded a negative Hume level at the time of emergence, leading to a failed assertion check for each device. The reasoning behind this improper reading is currently unknown.


Electronic copy below as per Federal Records Act

UIU File 2017-003: Codename: Skipper Bait

Summary: An anomalous individual believed to be affiliated with the anomalous terrorist organization known as the Foundation. Demonstrated possible teleportation/materialization abilities at moment of capture, though it has not exhibited them since.

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