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Case File # 2003-112
File Opened 07/13/2003
File Closed Pending
Lead Agent Andrew Harris
Summary Following an incident wherein multiple students overdosed on an unknown paranarcotic on the Deer College campus, an investigation has been opened on the substance and distributors involved. Tracing the drug back to a Three Portlands-based criminal syndicate known as the Lighthouse Mafia, the UIU alongside local law enforcement performed a multi-pronged raid on the distribution site of the paranarcotic, as well as the Lighthouse Mafia's main headquarters.
Case File # 2003-112 Report Author Andrew Harris Date Filed 07/15/2003
Paranarcotic, temporal, addictive, Deer College, Prometheus Labs, Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd., Lighthouse Mafia

1. Background

On 7/13/2003, paramedics and local police were called to the campus of Deer College in Three Portlands to respond to several incidents of drug overdose arising during an early Bastille Day party being held in the student dorms. When first responders arrived at the scene, they found a large number of young adults present, most of them students at Deer College, nearly all showing signs of significant substance intoxication; five persons were found comatose, and were unable to be revived by paramedics. They were taken to the nearby St. Hedwig's Hospital, where three of them were immediately declared brain-dead. Medical thaumaturges were able to stabilize the remaining two victims by replacing the entire volume of their circulatory system, although not before they had already suffered neurological damage.

Bastille Day is a popular holiday throughout Three Portlands; not coincidentally, more misdemeanors and public order crimes occur on the weekend of Bastille Day than any other three-day period in the months of June, July, and August. With most resources presently tied-up in responding to other Bastille Day incidents, the Three Portlands Police Department has requested that the Unusual Incidents Unit assume responsibility for the investigation of the overdoses at Deer College. The public nature of the incident, combined with the social status of the victims, has generated a significant amount of public interest and outrage. To avoid a deterioration of relations between the UIU and the city's residents, Assistant Director Mallory has publicly indicated that the investigation is of high priority.

2. Current Status

The Three Portlands field office has launched a major narcotics investigation to discover the source of the drugs used in the overdoses, with the ultimate aim of apprehending the persons responsible for their production and distribution. A number of students who attended the party were detained by 3PPD officers on charges of excessive public intoxication; however, questioning has so far produced very little coherent information, and it is doubtful that this avenue will yield any significant leads.

While a request has been made asking any students with pertinent information to come forward, it is not expected that many, if any, students will inform on their dealers. A warrant is currently being sought to conduct a more thorough search of the Deer College dormitories and the belongings of the students who attended the party, which may expose elements of the narcotics ring operating on the campus. Security cameras are absent in most areas of Three Portlands due to public opinion; as such, identifying suspects may be difficult.

3. Leads

Several milligrams of an unknown chemical substance, believed to be the drug involved in the overdoses, were recovered in a search of the rooms of the comatose students. Preliminary forensic testing at the local field office was unable to identify the substance, which does not correspond to any currently known mundane or paranormal narcotic. A sample of the substance has been sent to ICSUT Portlands for more extensive analysis by their laboratories, which may yield useful information about its composition and origin.

Doctor Irene Seward at St. Hedwig's made it known to investigators that she had observed similar cases of drug overdose several months prior, although they had attracted little attention at the time. A review of the hospital records, as well as the records of other public hospitals in the city, is currently underway; this may shed further light on its source and the mechanism of its distribution.

The 3PPD officers who first responded to the call performed a cursory search of the scene at the time, resulting in the seizure of a large quantity of illicit substances and illegal materials. Among the items impounded as evidence was the corpse of an American bullfrog, which had been provided with a paper crown and then ceremonially guillotined as part of the Bastille Day celebrations. The moment of the frog's death has been identified as a potential source of Aspect Radiation, and forensic thaumatologists are currently working to construct an aetheric image of the party at that particular point in time based on the patterns of microbacklash in the local aura. Moreover, long-term proximity to the Deer campus may have given the frog an abnormal degree of sentience and awareness; to this end, a necromancy specialist is being brought in from the Miami field office to attempt a nekyia to interrogate the frog's spirit.

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