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UIU File 1988-021: Case File "Hy-Brasil Incident"

Summary: An event involving an unknown (now-destroyed) giant creature around 100 meters tall, resembling a half-crocodile half-squid hybrid animal, which came out of the Atlantic Ocean to destroy the city-state island of Hy-Brasil.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation became aware of this event following the cessation of all communications from the FBI Field Office on the island, as well as those from Extranormal Informant Ramone Valtruz who resided on the island. Further investigation by the UIU revealed high activity in the area from nearly-all known anomalous parties, prompting the immediate dispatch of UIU Agent Watkins to further investigate the ongoing situation in Hy-Brasil.

Evidence suggests that the creature, and the ensuing battle to eliminate it, nearly destroyed the island of Hy-Brasil. This creature may have been previously-contained or even created by anomalous parties, namely either the Global Occult Coalition or the Foundation.

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