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Phenomena #: UF-00031

Pre-Unification Documentation: SCP-3406

Disruption Type: Bezalel-Primary

Geographic Range: Global

Origin: Known, MA-Event on August 3rd, 2020

Description: UF-00031 defines a general phenomena in which artificial, manmade objects or images created to resemble human faces spontaneously become anomalously animate and intelligent. Instances of UF-00031 are capable of speech, sight and hearing, despite typically lacking the necessary biological features, and can locomote when possessing the appropriate physical limbs. UF-00031 instances can be either two or three-dimensional, depending on the method of creation. The animation process associated with UF-00031 is not entirely predictable, but seems to partially relate to the intent of the original creator.

Photographs of human faces are not affected by UF-00031, and digitally-stored images are only affected while displayed. The full limitations of UF-00031 are not fully understood.

UF-00031 instances verbally communicate in a unique language that is not yet comprehensible to humans. Some proportion of UF-00031 instances can also understand and speak the language(s) that their creator(s) spoke. UF-00031 instances typically show intelligence equivalent to humans, although two-dimensional instances predominately display significant memory deficits.

UF-00031 instances do not require food, water or air to survive or remain active. UF-00031 instances are not able to grow, heal or regenerate like biological organisms. The only known way to neutralize an instance of UF-00031 is to significantly disrupt or destroy the structure of the face.

Two classes of UF-00031 instances, designated UF-00031A and UF-00031B, are known to exist:

UF-00031A includes anomalously animate objects originally created prior to the MA-Event. UF-00031A instances are significantly more likely to communicate in human languages. UF-00031A instances typically follow patterns of behavior developed based on methods of interaction prior to the event, although significant variation still exists.

UF-00031B includes anomalously animate objects originally created following the MA-Event. UF-00031B instances are more likely to exclusively communicate in the nonhuman language, and follow more unpredictable patterns of behavior.

Containment Procedure: All visual data collected from public and private surveillance systems within Contained Zones are fed directly to Autonomic Analysis System 1836 (AAS1836). AAS1836 can detect instances of UF-00031 with 98.5% reliability, and report detected instances to the nearest inzone agents within ~30s.

Once alerted, agents are responsible for assessing the threat level of the reported instance, and either neutralizing it at the site or acquiring it for further observation at the nearest high-security UF site.

Public Regulation: Deliberate creation and/or possession of an instance of UF-00031 is a class-four misdemeanor.

First-time offenders are given a warning, with a maximum penalty of 30 hours community service (or 5 hours of outzone service).

Repeat offenders are given a minimum penalty of 12 months detention and 120 hours community service, and a maximum penalty of permanent detention or exile from the Contained Zone.

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