Underread and Underrated August 2020

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SCP-5177: Lost and Left Behind

A candle is to be burning at all times at the centre of SCP-5177.

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The Mission

Ah. This is a fantastic Image. It is very nice to look at. I love to, look at it.

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Australian Rules Drag Racing and the Speed Demon series

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Writing a 001-proposal is hard. While the number "001" is barely different from 002 or 003, the slot comes with a veneer of significance and grandeur. One can imagine the stress of writing something of such expectations, trying not to be derivative of others attempts at the task; for many writers over the years, it was a reality for a time. Often, it's an author's magnum opus.

That's not what TroyLTroyL did, though.

The consequences and logical conclusions of many 001-proposals, while implied, are often left unexplored. This is where Project Thaumiel comes in. By taking another perspective, or bringing something to its eventual end, or simply re-imagining it, each installation of Project Thaumiel explores the implications of each 001-proposal being real, in their individual bubbles of narrative.

Sometimes the Foundation tries to stop them. Thaumiel is the opposite of Keter. Sometimes they're complicit. But in each installation, a 001-proposal is given its time in the limelight, the full work of the author shining through. And given "project-thaumiel" is a tag, other authors are within their right to create something just as exploratory themselves.

Project Thaumiel has initiated.

This month's challenge:

  • For writers: Write a Project Thaumiel article.
  • For artists: Re-imagine an existing 001-proposal, then translate that into a creative medium.
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