Underread and Underrated June 2020

Featured SCP!

SCP-3638: "You Can't Be Serious!"

"SCP-3638 is a two-meters tall, partially incorporeal, remarkably impotent predatory entity."

Featured Tale/Format!

Ulysses B. Donkman and the Foreboding Forest

"Well let's get movin', boy! Plenty o' time for restin' when we get to this fishin' hole of yours."

Topic and Prompt of the month!

Last Month's Pieces and Topic

The Deniers and the A Non-Prophet Organization series

Topic + pick of this month!

Donatello's Sculpting Tools, Circa 1409 and the Medicea Accademia Dell'Arte Occulta

The Medicea Accademia Dell'Arte Occulta is an Italian branch GoI that crossed onto the -EN wiki during the International GoI Contest, but they flew a bit under the radar at the time and the group hasn't gotten much love since then.

The Academy, run by a person known as the "Curatore", operate a series of museums that store and showcase pieces of anomalous artwork throughout history. They offer a more academic approach to the world of anart and have the potential to tell stories that the contemporary artists at AWCY? simply could not. The world of the anomalous is as ancient as time itself, and a bit of that history is locked away in the museums of the Medicea Accademia Dell'Arte Occulta.

Time to get exploring!

This month's challenge:

  • For writers: The Medicea Accademia Dell'Arte Occulta have a wonderful GoI Format, but there are only a small handful of them on the -EN wiki. Why don't we change that?
  • For artists: Draw Goliath!
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