Underread and Underrated May 2020

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"Welcome back, Tamara Otten. Today is February 2, 2073.'"

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et sanábitur ánima mea

"The city is fallen, and Lovataar does not grieve."

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The Deniers and the A Non-Prophet Organization series

SAPHIR/SAPPHIRE is one of the few foreign branch GoIs to make it on the wiki. But has it made it big?

A Non-Prophet Organization is an -EN original series exploring a mass conflict between SAPHIR and the anomalous religious world. It was also second place in the International Groups of Interest Competition of 2019, but unlike fellow runner-ups Samsara and End of Death, ANPO never quite hit the mainstream. Maybe that's because it's not finished, but even what's there is of pretty high quality.

Part of IntCon19 was the idea of cross-cultural reimagining. ANPO took a GoI best known for unflattening the world and put them to work in an all-out war. The set-up, the structuring, all the history, that's all done. All you need to know is that there's trouble brewing on the horizon.

Get ready for a fight.

This month's challenge:

  • For writers: ANPO invented the SAPHIR format. Why not write another?
  • For artists: Draw a scene from Chimes Broken.
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