Underread and Underrated April 2020

Featured SCP!

SCP-4676: "The Consequence of Unwanted Isolation or Gratuitous Seclusion"

"SCP-4676 is a phenomenon that causes the sudden inhibition of voluntary movement in human beings, effectively causing paralysis."

Featured Tale/Format!

Dog Days

"She had always expected a little more doomsday in the desertion of Site-19. She had always expected one of those, to be honest."

Topic and Prompt of the month!

Last Month's Pieces and Topic

Topic + pick of this month!

There is a single instance of the Anderson Robotics format. There doesn't have to be.

Think about everything that Anderson sells: prosthetic limbs, domestic drones, custom-made friends, war machines, toys, perhaps even the occasional branch-out into uncharted territory. There's got to be installation guides for such things, right? And what could such things say about the people who buy them?

Alternatively, Anderson isn't just in the business of advertisement. Any manner of story could be told through the creative usage of production notes, schematics, and even inventory logs. How best might the horrors of Anderson be expressed in the production phase?

The possibilities, as with the list of Anderson's crimes, are endless.

This month's challenge:

  • For writers: Write an Anderson Robotics format set in the Those Twisted Pines canon.
  • For artists: Draw up a schematic of "Anderson Robotic's newest __!"
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