Underread and Underrated March 2020

Featured SCP!

SCP-4860: "Concrete Building"

"SCP-4860 designates a sprawling concrete structure of indeterminate origin and purpose situated within the northeastern United States."

Featured Tale/Format!

We Didn't Do This For Nothing

"Whenever he got too large a sense of pride, or his issues felt crushing and overwhelming, the stars were always there to center him."

Topic and Prompt of the month!

Last Month's Pieces and Topic

GoHW > Chapter_5.js and the Broken God formats

Topic + pick of this month!

Alto Clef Jr. - Virus Alert and the Alto Clef Termination series

On August 25th, PeppersGhostPeppersGhost started the SCP Original Character Tournament, a clash of literary titans that spearheaded several great tale series.

On September 2nd, one Alto Clef Jr., GOC Agent and miraculous talking goose abomination, decided he wanted in, and the rest is history.

The ACT was the OCT with a twist: while still the culmination of a little over 40 original characters from as many authors, Alto Clef Jr. would be matched with one (or more) of each character, during which he would kill them in a bloody rampage to the top. Along the way, Jr. would confront spooky hotels, the brutal California sands, and his own conscience.

One thing is certain: there will be blood.

This month's challenge:

  • For writers: Pick your absolute favorite character(s) not featured in the OCT, and write about how Alto Clef Jr. hunted them down and killed them.
  • For artists: Depict Alto Clef Jr., before, during, or after a hit.
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