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SCP-281-FR: "The Day The Earth Stopped Being Flat"


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Carnifex Carl

"Carnifex Carl is a reality-bender who combines his "type-green" abilities with Sarkic Carnomancy."

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SCP-3784: "High Octane Nightmare Fuel"

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GoHW > Chapter_5.js and the Broken God formats

The Church of the Broken God is practically a mainstay of the SCP Wiki. Its formats? Not so much. It's a damn shame, too: the Church has not one, not two, but three distinct formats associated with it, each relating to a specific branch of the modern Mekhanite Church.

Naturally, the name of the game is "scripture". All three formats are presented as chapters of various Mekhanite holy scripture. Where they differ is presentation:

  • The Broken Church is the most straightforward: take (or make up) a book in the religious canon, and select the chapter you want to write. If you're looking to get into the nitty-gritty of what Mekhanites generally believe, the format's a great way to highlight their fundamental weirdness.
  • The Cogwork Orthodoxy, by contrast, is formatted almost as an academic paper or construction manual. If you like the sort of zealous industrialization the Orthodoxy is best known, the format can really prove a treat.
  • Last but not least, the Maxwellian format, which I2 personally believe to have some of the biggest potential for absolutely wild things. The format is presented as a digital file, leaving a ton of opportunities for multimedia goodness.

Unfortunately, the format isn't very well-represented as of the time of writing. It's a shame, given the potential; each one is a window into how the Mekhanites think, act, feel, and worship.

This month's challenge:

For Writers: Write a Broken God format utilizing a piece of site lore postdating February 25th, 2016 (the date of the last posted format at the time of writing).

For Artists: Depict the contents of a Broken God format!

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