Underread and Underrated, October 2021

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SCP-6120: Sins of the Father, Crimes of the Son


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Into The Greazerverse

Many of the people around the table stood up and faced the blank screen that would have had a projector attached to it if not for recent budget cuts. They stood in silence for a few minutes, and then sat back down.

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Song of Sophia, Vast Suspended Ruins, and Articles That Jump Around Time

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A Study in Cinnabar, Guilt Trip, and Spurned Concepts

The Wikis is constantly evolving. This is by no means a new epiphany, but we often forget the years of history that we're building on as we produce new content. People have been having wild ideas and expanding on what SCP as a concept even entails ever since someone posted a creepypasta about a murder-statue to /x/.

This also means that what's popular and in vogue has radically changed over time. Once, superpowered author avatars who did whatever they wanted were what people loved. As a reaction, the wiki eventually shifted to hardline grimdark stories and characters. More recently, we've seen another resurgence in boldly silly and self-aware comedy articles from people tired of the same seriousness.

As those trends shift, the concepts that make up the trends get left behind in the dust. But not forever! The beauty of the wiki is that anyone can pick up an old idea from years ago, dust it off, and spin it out into something new and fresh. Concepts like MTFs made up of SCPs — once derided, now given new life by the recent Renaissance Contest and sustained by an excellent tale series by HarryBlank and Grigori Karpin.

Concepts like Tactical Response Teams, telekill alloy, beryllium bronze, a more involved Administrator, perhaps even D-class demotion or excessive redactions — all are concepts that have been forgotten long enough that, with a little spit and polish, could shine on the wiki of today. Why not try your hand?

This month's challenge:

  • For writers: Write an article prominently featuring a concept that's no longer in vogue with the rest of the site - bring it back!
  • For artists: Draw art of a character or element once popular, since forgotten on the site.
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