Underread and Underrated October 2020

Featured SCP!

SCP-3687: Anti-Entropy Doorknobs

A note inside of a fireproof lock-box was discovered in Mr. Hannigan's bedroom, reading: "Finally, I've done it. Here, you can have this one."

Featured Tale/Format!

Unicorn Crackfic Procedures

"Let me be honest. After you see some biped on your best unicorn's back, using its pale little digits to violate his haunches, you stop caring about the ethics of the H-class."

Topic and Prompt of the month!

Last Month's Pieces and Topic

Fault Lines and the Gulf canon

Topic + pick of this month!

New Age is a novel-length trilogy about the Chaos Insurgency. It's a bit of a long read, so let's not worry too much about the description, alright?

This month's challenge:

  • For writers: … why don't you take a break for this one? It's a long read.
  • For artists: And if you feel inspired to draw a scene from it afterwards… well, the more the merrier!
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