Underread and Underrated April 2021

Featured SCP!

SCP-4568: Dilemma of the Twin Serpents

We propose a passive and gradual preparation of these Extraordinary Special Containment Procedures, which would additionally provide a way to closely monitor SCP-4568 activity.

Featured Tale/Format!

Dreams of the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea lies in the far east, amidst the barren expanses of the Plateau of Leng, far from the coruscant spires of Panopolis and the verdant fields of Arcadia.

Topic and Prompt of the month!

Last Month's Pieces and Topic

Some Are Born To Endless Light and the Tales of Anomalous Items

Topic + pick of this month!

The Eternal MxTape is a series about Gamers Against Weed, its political activism, how the SCP Foundation attempts to peel it open, and how all this affects the lives of Wren Masterson and Penelope Gore.

The Eternal MxTape is a breakout series that hit the ground running, its punchy premise driven forward by excellent character writing and tight dialogue.

The Eternal MxTape is deliberately not presented with an introductory piece; as a "mixtape", there's multiple ways to read through the series.

The Eternal MxTape is highly underrated. Give it a read!

This month's challenge:

  • For writers: Write a GAW article featuring Wren and/or Penelope.
  • For artists: Draw a scene from the series.
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