Underread and Underrated March 2021

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SCP-5912: To Climb Is To Live

While SCP-5912 shows to have no need for sustenance, it will accept fruit prepared small enough to fit into its rucksack appendage, particularly clementines and strawberries.

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Young Foundation

A few minutes later Simon was walking out the back door, wearing the mask that went with this game. It was cement grey, covered in black and red blotches, with two green circles around the eyes.

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Some Are Born To Endless Light and the Tales of Anomalous Items

Many consider various SCPs underrated. Others consider tales and GoI-formats underrated. But perhaps the most unrecognized facet of the wiki despite its high status is the Log of Anomalous Items. Quintessential microfiction, the LoAO format demands its contributors to construct an interesting object in about a paragraph's space. Some do better than others, but of course all have potential, including potential for expanded stories.

Here, the Tales of Anomalous Items challenge steps in. By expanding upon the simplest of objects and stories, this challenge allows these glimpses of the supernatural a chance in the limelight.

Sometimes the most interesting narratives lie in the most unassuming places.

This month's challenge:

  • For writers: Pick an item from the Log of Anomalous Items or its sequels (this includes the Log of Unexplained Locations and Extranormal Events) and write a tale based off it. Be sure to follow the directions set in the Tales of Anomalous Items hub, linked above.
  • For artists: Either create a piece of media based off an anomalous item/extranormal event/unexplained location or media based off a pre-existing Tale of Anomalous Items article. Your pick.
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