Two Transcribed Conversations In Very Different Tones

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Transcribed messages recovered alongside a currently undesignated SCP object.
Records From: 5/17/20██, 14:09-14:20
Time User Message
14:09 DHansaw Dawson.
14:10 SDawson Ready and capable, sir. What do you need?
14:10 DHansaw Incapable is closer to the truth. You sent your pet project E3 out to a much higher radius than your experiment application suggested.
14:10 SDawson I sent it- oh. Shit.
14:11 DHansaw "Oh, shit" is right. We're getting pings as far away as China.
14:11 DHansaw People are going to notice this. And you know, Dawson, just how much we hate being noticed.
14:12 SDawson Yes, sir.
14:12 SDawson Whatever I can do to minimize the damage, I will, sir.
14:13 DHansaw That's exactly correct. This is your pile of shit to clean up.
14:14 DHansaw As such, you are to model and design a program equipped to seek out E3, and to kill it.
14:14 DHansaw I hope you understand I mean that literally. You are the leader of this little fancy, aren't you?
14:15 SDawson I am, sir. You'll have the program. E3 won't be an issue to scrub from every computer it poked itself into, protected or not.
14:16 DHansaw Good. You've got 48 hours.
14:16 DHansaw Start writing.
14:17 SDawson Ready and capable, sir.
14:18 SDawson Fuuuuuuuuuck.
Log end.
Records From: 5/17/20██, 14:42-14:53
Time User Message
14:42 SDawson Kaylie. Shit.
14:42 SDawson You know project E3? Hammy?
14:44 KWilkenstein Uh, yeah. You did a test run yesterday night, right? What about it?
14:45 SDawson I sent it out way too far, and now Hansaw's on my case because Hammy's in fucking China and he said I need a program to take it down within 48 hours.
14:46 SDawson And I'm pretty sure if I don't have it for him, the whole team's asses will be cashed.
14:46 KWilkenstein Fuuuuuuuuuck.
14:47 SDawson That's what I said.
14:47 SDawson I've got a basic plan written up. It's gotta think it's dead, right? And it's, you know, ham.
14:48 SDawson So we're gonna convince it it's gotten eaten.
14:49 KWilkenstein That is, in fact, remarkably basic. Nice.
14:49 SDawson Shut up. Here, look.
14:50 SDawson SENT: fortkickasssolutions.doc
14:51 KWilkenstein … Okay, yeah. We can piece that together. I'll start work, you talk to Joseph and Mandy and get coordinating.
14:52 KWilkenstein Let's capable the shit out of this fucker.
14:52 SDawson I'll set up a .sol. Fingers crossed.
14:53 KWilkenstein DISCONNECTED
Log end.

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