Two Lost Souls
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"Aha! Another mighty explorer of the boundless cosmos, perhaps even champion of the Earth!" shouted Moon Champion, gazing upon the limp body of a figure much like himself.

Moon Champion couldn't have been more excited in his life. No person on Earth, whether willing or otherwise, had been strong enough to endure the cold, dark vacuum of space. Yet, in the bounds of Earth's orbit, lay a soldier ready for battle, waiting for his chance to shine. It was time to have a true Earth partner.

"For the fate of the Moon and the Moon People!" cheered Moon Champion, as he propelled himself to the resting figure. The man sped around the Earth quickly, but Moon Champion was faster.

"Greetings," Moon Champion announced loudly, "I am the champion of the Moon, conqueror of space evil, defender of the Moon People, and proud general of the Moon King. I see you are a courageous warrior in the utmost troubling conditions of Earth's orbit, and I'd like for you to be my partner in destroying the Moon Monsters that plague the humble Moon Kingdom."

The figure stared back, though Moon Champion couldn't see its eyes through the cracked and foggy visor, so there was no way of telling if he could stare at all. Moon Champion floated there, puzzled for a moment, before resuming his speech.

"I see you are blind in the ears, but that is quite all right! The Moon Doctors have excellent technology that will heal your condition! Come with me, quickly!"

Moon Champion attempted to pull away the orbiting man, yet he wouldn't budge. Moon Champion was mighty strong, yet whatever the man was, or what was pulling him away, was stronger.

Moon Champion signed to the lost figure, "Please, C-C-C-P, if that is your name. The Moon Monsters are monstrous beings, do you not know that? Some are tall, some are small, some are a thick sludge while others stay coated in fur. All of them will devour each and every Moon Person if nothing is done soon. You must travel with me, and battle these formidable foes before the Moon Kingdom is lo-."

Moon Champion paused, and he paused for a very long time, C-C-C-P's hand in his clutch.

"What if the Moon Kingdom is lost?" thought Moon Champion. "I've been away from it for so long, attempting to find a brave soul who could battle alongside me, but what of myself? I have done nothing. NOTHING. NULL AND VOID IS MY ACTIVITY ON THE MOON! For how long have I been exploring the cosmos? For how long have I been living? 1000 years? 100 years? 1? A day!? And what have I found? The same old simpletons, exchanging their dogs, eating their televisions, checking the time on their wrist discs!"

Moon Champion stared into the visor of C-C-C-P, a slow sob sounding from the Champion's speaker. "What am I a champion of?" said Moon Champion, slowly facing toward the Moon, "An old forgotten kingdom, or no kingdom at all?"

The Moon. Cold, giant space rock. For a second, Moon Champion had a hard time distinguishing the two. He looked back at C-C-C-P, the blackness of its visor reflecting the darkness of the stars. Yet, in the middle of the beat-up visor, lay that cold, giant space rock. As Moon Champion stared more and more, the Moon shimmered. The reflection became clear to him.

"What fool am I to even CONCEIVE that the Moon Kingdom and its people are but a figment of my imagination?" Moon Champion yelled as he began propelling himself back to the Moon.

"I am Moon Champion, champion of the Moon, and I will stop at nothing until I can find a suitable partner to eliminate all Moon Monsters!"

As C-C-C-P began flailing about, as if to signify a danger present on Earth, Moon Champion finally let him out of his grasp.

"Go on Earth Champion, fight your Earth dangers, you're serving your planet well!"

Moon Champion saluted C-C-C-P as he drifted away once more, never to see Moon Champion again.

"Take care new friend, take care. Now, I believe I see a giant slug over in the distance. Moon Champion, away!" shouted Moon Champion, as he boosted in the direction of his new sighting.

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