Agent Navarro's Personnel File

Sigma-3 Insignia, courtesy of SunnyClockwork

Name: Daniel Navarro

Personnel Classification: Level 3, Class B

Occupation: Field Agent, Anomalous Art Specialist

Location: Site-19

Profile: Agent Navarro was originally apprehended by the Foundation after the discovery of several anomalous artistic pieces within his place of residence in 2004. In exchange for avoiding amnestic application and/or detainment, Navarro acted as a double agent within the anomalous art community in his area.

After seventeen months, Navarro was officially employed by the Foundation. Now acting as a specialist in "anart," Agent Navarro is deployed to secure anomalies of a possibly artistic nature. In addition, he often acts as a liaison between the Foundation and various "anartists" in order to gather information and enlist additional double agents.

Displaying classified information: In 2014, Agent Navarro was approached by Director Tilda David Moose to join MTF Sigma-3 ("Bibliographers"). Navarro accepted, expanding his responsibilities from interacting with the anomalous art community to any and all anomalous communities when necessary.

Agent Navarro will freely speak about the designation TwistedGears, however due to the variety and nature of his explanations they are to be ignored until further notice. Agent Navarro has offered the following explanations:

1. Agent Navarro is Dr. Gears from the past
2. Dr. Gears is Agent Navarro from the future
3. Agent Navarro is Dr. Gears in the present, claiming to have been affected by a temporal anomaly. Agent Navarro cites Dr. Gears current MIA status as proof.
4. Agent Navarro is from an alternate reality where he is the parallel version of this reality's Dr. Gears. This is why he is an agent, and our version is a researcher. He also claims his reality does not have spaces in their written languages.
5. Agent Navarro is a former member of the Church of the Broken God, and joined the Foundation after being administered a Class Omega amnestic
6. Agent Navarro is/was affected by SCP-217, sometimes claiming to have been cured by SCP-500/SCP-427. Agent Navarro often cites explanations 1 and 2 as proof.
7. Agent Navarro is SCP-2000. Agent Navarro cites this as the source of his personification of some humanoid anomalies.
8. Agent Navarro was given the designation during a classified operation
9. [DATA EXPUNGED] (Agent Navarro will literally say "data expunged" in a robotic voice.)

SCPs secured by Agent Navarro:

Reports filed by Agent Navarro:

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