Tufto's Author Page

This is the author page of TuftoTufto, one of the Wiki's leading Z-list skip authors.

My sandbox is here. I am always happy to hear critiques of things I'm working on, however damning they are.

I am terrible about replying to Wikidot PMs, so if you need to contact me, I recommend hitting me up on Discord or IRC, where you will (probably) get an answer (eventually).


Foundation of Nomads: A Tale Series

1) On the Multiversal Cargo Train
2) On the West-Bound Passenger Train (coming soon)
3) Vast Suspended Ruins (coming later)
4) Multiplying Time Alleyways in the 1960s (coming later)
5) Maria in Leafy English Suburbs (coming later)
6) A Porphyry Empire (coming later)
7) The Spider (coming later)
8) Cyberpunk Wire City (coming later)
9) The Floating Singapore (coming later)
10) Testing the Walls of Reality (coming later)
11) Shadows of a Future City (coming later)
12) Shadows Among the Sarkics (coming later)
13) The Observatory (coming later)
14) Liminal Spaces in Reality (coming later)
15) Elsewhere (coming later)

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