The Thing That Randomini Is Making Me Do
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(Courtesy of SunnyClockwork)

hello and welcome to the thing that randomini is making you do

this was an online internet auditory extravaganza

it was readings of the pages that THE MAN doesn't do readings of!!!
THE MAN wants you to listen to readings of like scp and tale pages
this leaves so much secrets unrelevaled, like the system pages and guides

i fixed this with my podcast i mean randmodini difd this in his podcast i am djkaktus

it involved various insinuations of various kinds

most of them were not true!

some of them were true

which ones were the truy ones???
thats up to you!!!

listen to it now, thank you

note: this podcast does not reflect the views of anyone but you - life's what you make it, kid, and i know your going oplaces ive never seen. you gotta dream big!

episode title link
one Site Rules link
two FAQ
3 Author Pages
four The KaktusKast Episode 24: Director's Cut Up While Talking
give Network Jignle
7 Old Adult Pagse
6 songtime funtime
nine Mebmer pages.
01 scp fonduepot
11 recorded_audio_from_real_life.mp3
12 Legal Terms of Service
13.0 You Are (Not) djkaktus

thnaks 4 ur sport! we could not do this without you
~still djkaktus, definitely

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