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Contest Entries:

Title Rating Author
The Minions© day at the scp 226 Randomini
Orgy 5 Counsel 9: XXXK End of Virginity Scenario 135 TyGently
Gears Is Totally Not A Robot Guys 131 Dr Solo
My Loever, the Dog: The Incredibly True Story of Kain Pathos Crow 110 Zmax15
Zyn: kaiju butterfly ninja master 80 Taffeta
SCP the Anime, part 4 (Gears/Iceberg, Clef/Kondraki, Rights/Light, Kain, monkey!Bright) 79 MrWrong
It's Not Pronounced Like the Thesaurus, Dammit! 75 Kestin
Lust in the Time of Anomalous Cholera 72 WrongJohnSilver
Not Just A Cat In A Labcoat 66 MonkeyClone
It's All True 53 thedeadlymoose
Love and Relative Dimensions in Fate: Dr. Clef/Doctor Who 51 (user deleted)
Pretty Magic Gaiden Mecha Tokyo-Mon Demon Ninja Sailor Clef 49 rumetzen
Glass x Diogenes 4 Life! <3 48 Silberescher
Scruff, Claws, Paws 40 Perelka_L
Silber Strikes Back! (OC DO NOT STEAL!!!!!) 38 ahbonjour
Ruiz Sobers Up 36 Leviathan34
Alto Clef Jr.: Fins of the Father 29 DolphinSlugchugger
Legally a Falcon (For Tax Purposes) 28 Waterfire
The Spider and the Flower: Natasha Romanoff/Pepper Potts/SCP-105/Andrea S. Adams 26 Dewman
Carlysle Aktus is a prickly bastard (AN: high school AU) 22 Bouncl
My Beloved Gecko 22 Decibelles
Agent Imants Plumbing Pool Repair And Pizza Delivery Service 18 Eekium
If It Looks Like a Duck, Swims Like a Duck, and Quacks Like a Duck, It's Probably a Shapeshifting Living Nightmare 18 Eta Carinae
Sophia Light At The End Of The Tunnel 15 Steeltitan
SyFy Channel Presents: BEARMAGGEDON!!! 13 kol aumer
Troy Lament and the Terror Ferrets of Darkling Lane 13 Hercules Rockefeller
Dr. Bridge Over Troubled Water 10 Kestin
Virgil the Goldfish's Big Day Out 5 Davsto
Fried Chicken & Lime Jello, the Dr. Bjornsen story 1 Dmatix

Improperly Deleted Pages:

Lost Soyuz

by dizzyyyyydizzyyyyy 26 Nov 2022 21:22

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by HourLemonHourLemon 26 Nov 2022 04:38


The Recollections of J. White

by Long Arm LarryLong Arm Larry 21 Feb 2022 14:53

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