Tropinano's Circus Tent

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welcome to my tent. please take your shoes off

okay. thank you. now please put these on.

thank you.

what's that? you'd like to see my pets? they're in the ball pit right now, but I'm sure we'll see them soon. you know how clowns can be. my mime is rather shy, but my rednose clown loves guests.

tropia sits patiently. She is sitting on a balloon. You also notice tropia is a staggering 2 inches tall.

go on. you can look through my articles. and please, admire my vast homegrown blinkie collection.

<SCP-6379> The Gancanagh
literal leprechaun article omg (ill add more l8r! brb ttyl)

<SCP-4730> Reinventive Design for Abnormally Dense Cars
trop snatches a series 5 number lets gooo B] tbh i finished the article in an evening bc of .unu -f lol

SCP-4730 is the first SCP article set in the bambousioverse! its about clown hunters and stuff, and introduces Cosmo Aston, a boi i love very much he is so cute *smooch*
sooo yeah! clown tiiiime :•]
<SCP-5393> To whom it may concern, whales are now considered cavalry.
Davy Bones 2: Electric Boogaloo!
My third article and first Jamcon 2021 entry, based on the theme 'marine'. I had thought of the general idea the night before and when I saw the theme reveal I was like O.M.G IT'S ALL I'VE EVER WANTED
I'm pretty proud of it because 1. jamcon 2. it's an article I feel is genuinely well written, and got some good reception.
Overall, I'm glad people like bone kingdom. ALL HAIL BONE KINGDOM

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<SCP-5851> "Y/N darling, You're the only one for Me!" (Slowburn, X Reader)

dAAfmyb.gif People love 5851. They think it's very cool, title and content aside. People really love 5851 because it makes them physically cringe and scrunch their face up into a tiny paper ball. You'll like it if you unironically love or loathe X reader fanfiction. Also, the fanart of the anime boy is cute soooo instant like?
9coD3VC.gif sqB4CFC.gif
qma1FfA.gif pTBXuTx.gif
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<SCP-5264> Ruining Every Meal
5264 was my first article I ever did :0]! It was a jamcon article for the theme 'explosion'.
If you like brussel sprouts or hate brussel sprouts, or want to argue with me that it's 'brussels sprouts', this is for you. It's a very simple article so I wouldn't bother with it but I do want to edit it in the future. Chef Lorance is an attempt at comedy, too. Overall it's good from a 'newbie who wrote this in a day' standpoint :0] qma1FfA.gif
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aren't they cool? they're good. very good. i hope you read some of them. here, let me get something to eat. do you want biscuits? sure thing, i got some in the cupboard.

tropia is absorbed into the balloon.
You notice another tab, about tropia and stuff.

M2z2MeK.gif ZL404aJ.gif QsWFsxc.gif
<my instagram :0)>

i am TROPIA, the clown, the legend, the god, the girl, the look, the talent, the TROP. i draw the funni pictures and i say the funni things. i got into scp in 2019 so im pretty proud of the writing ive done so far.
I really like animation and playing games and stuff, and I like chocolate too. I think that's all for now ^_^'

nice to meet you. now we know eachother. look, i got the biscuits.

You don't like the biscuits.


okay this is awkward noowwwwohmygosh! my babies here hi pietro!!!


oh here come my lovely clowns. heres my rednose. he's a purebred rednose but it seems he does have some similarities to the rodeo clown, isn't that sweet? i heard rednose clowns and rodeo clowns come from the same family, but i specialise more in porcelain clowns so i'm not the one to ask.

You notice the tent has been fastened shut.

isn't he just a darling? you should discuss the behaviour of scary clowns with me. I don't agree with them being banned in certain countries. as i always say, it's the owner, not the breed. the scary clowns i raise in my other tent are as docile as can be, not to mention their beautiful markings! but that's a story for another time. please, come see my favourite clowns!
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