Tropinano's Doodles and Funnys
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2021 Collection
Drawings from 2021.

The Ladies of SCP
This little mini series is a small collection of 'pinup' style drawings of different SCPs. I have lots of fun drawing girls! If you have any suggestions, let me know!

The 049 + 035 Archive
Okay so back in April I really only knew the big iconic SCPs and I took a liking to 049 and 035 especially. So what else to do than keep drawing them when they were raking in the internet points?

Other SCPs
Here's some other funny drawings. I may add to this. Let me know if there's something cool I could add!

Theatre Troupe
The Theatre Troupe is a group of characters who lived during the Renaissance. My pals Mel, Pepsi (<3) and I have had this idea for awhile and I drew a lot of art and stuff for it, as well as an animatic.

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