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So yeah, my name is Mister Chameleon. Also known as 'That one color guy,' 'Oh yeah, he's a mister, right?' or 'Doctor Wondertainment's afterthought.' Sometimes it can be hard to be me. After all, when all the other misters just look at you and kind of snicker, its hard to feel upbeat about yourself. Sure, I've gone to self-help seminars, bought the self esteem books by the dozen, and tuned in to every TV guru that there is. It doesn't help when as soon as you try out the techniques, people start snickering.

It's not my fault. I was made this way. I'm just made out of light. Maybe it's that I can't do the things the other misters do. I can't make you laugh, or do cool stuff with the phases of the moon. You can't take me apart and put me back together. And you sure can't take off my head to play with it or whatever you do with a severed head. I can't do any of that stuff. What do you people want from me anyways? For cryin' out loud I'm made of light!

But yeah, like I said, its hard to be the least known of the Misters. Sometimes I wonder why. Why me? I'm perfectly alright. I can change to any color you please, and I'm number one on everybody's list! Surely people should be like "Oh Mister Chameleon, he must be one cool cat, right? After all, he's number one on the list! Wow! That's amazing!" But no, instead of having just a little bit of the fanfare going to the number one person on the list, it all goes to Forget, Laugh, and Brass! Why? Laugh doesn't even do anything cool! And all Laugh does is make me feel depressed. And I mean, I can see why people like using a human tinker-toy set, all he does is complain if you use him! Not me! I would never complain about hanging out with some of you guys.

So maybe like, call me sometime or something sometime? I can really be available anytime you need me. Even if I'm like, busy or something, I'm sure I would be able to make time. After all, there isn't really a lot to do over here, y'know? I can maybe come entertain at parties and stuff? Lets just hang out sometime.


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