Translated From Palauan
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They've stopped coming. They used to come four times a day, to feed me, to keep me furnished, sometimes to test me. It was horrible some days, especially when they slipped up and I started hurting. But they used to come. Now the room's dirty beyond belief, all the electronics have stopped working, and the hurting won't stop. Why aren't they coming?

It's getting dark, too. Did they cut the power? Or is that me blacking out? Or the burning fluid getting in my eyes? I don't like the dark; it scares me, it has all the feelings that hurt me in it. I want them to bring back the lights.

I've tried the door a few times. I thought the burning stuff would eat through it if they had turned the power off, but it only hurt me. I can't force the lock. There's no other way out. Everything's decaying around me, and I'm feeling worse, and I feel bad about that and I'm hurting myself more and more.

It must be really bad out there; I'm hurting more than my own emotions could make me. I used to burn every so often, but now I do it everyday. My skin feels like it's peeling off, and I can't even scream sometimes, because my throat's so clogged up. I need them to come back. I need them to make the burning stop.

And my head hurts. Not like the burning stuff makes it hurt, but like there's a vice on it. Something's squeezing my head in, taking my memories. It's like there's a giant sponge in the walls, eating away at everything I am. But that's not possible. They said the things they put in the walls stop me from hurting.

Why can't I remember my name?

They told me they're always watching. They know I'm suffering. In the past, when I hurt, they came and saved me. But now, I just hurt alone.

It's like they threw me away because I'm not good enough.

John. You brought me here. Please, get me out.


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