Tracque_ wastes everybody's time
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Estimates put a lower bound on the number of hours Tracque_ has spent playing Tetris during his working hours at 1000, with the upper bound nearing 5000 hours.1


I have also done the writing thing a couple times.


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Coming soon…

I also read sometimes not really that often.


All of my stuff! hahahahahahahahah

I highly recommend the following published works:

  • Everything HP Lovecraft. It's great.
  • Douglas Adams' stuff (love Dirk Gently the most)
  • Isaac Asimov's stuff (Foundation anyone?)
  • Existentialisme est un humanisme (Jean Paul Satre) - There is an english translation and it's online.

Some of my favourite works on the wiki are:

  • Lily's 001 - lily-s-proposal
  • CadaverCommander's series of SCiPs culminating in 3895 - Start with SCP-3898
  • CadaverCommander's 4000 contest entry - SCP-4999
  • LordStoneFish's 3000 contest entry - SCP-3999

And… shit.

Everyone knows these ones…2

Damn it all, I'm just gonna go play Tetris! I'll finish this page later.

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