Too Slow
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Item #: SCP-A403

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-A403 is to be contained at Site-190 in a hermetically sealed vault with no less than 10 separate layers of Freimann-Polo radiation shielding. In the event that SCP-A403's effect intensifies to the point where the shield layers are potentially compromised, the Local Ionization Suppression Pulse (LISP) is to be activated until containment can be re-established. Should this prove insufficient, Site-190 is to be evacuated and Contingency 39-Poirot "Swept Under The Rug" is to be implemented as soon as possible.

Description: SCP-A403 is a round, violet, translucent gem of unknown composition, 10cm in radius. In the center of SCP-A403 is an organic, pulsating structure that resembles a tumor. SCP-A403 constantly emits ionizing gamma radiation in unpredictable amounts, with a minumum observed intensity of 243 rads and a maximum of [REDACTED].

SCP-A403 was recovered from a raid on a Neo-Sarkic compound in the town of G████ H███ ████, California. Local cultists regarded SCP-A403 as a sacred artifact, and treasured the radioactive effect as a means to exacerbate their sacred diseases and eventually attain godhood. SCP-A403 is known among other Sarkic cults as "The Heart of Disorder" and "Karcist Ion's Teardrop."

Addendum - EMERGENCY UPDATE: Following an unrelated containment breach at Site-190, SCP-A403 has gone missing. Re-containment efforts are ongoing.

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