You and Nobody Else

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Usually, I always start my letters with something like "Dear blahblahblah". It’s always polite and, at this point, it’s a Pavlovian reflex, even when I’m not writing letters to customers.

But here, that would be ridiculous of me to do so, clearly. After all, how can you do so when you’re writing a letter to… well, to Nobody ?


You know, if there’s something I’ll always say to the people around me, it’s that the best thing in life (and I do mean the best), it’s newness. Breaking out of the routine. Facing the unknown and seeing what we can get from it. You might think it’s one of those generic slogans I say to the Executive Board during meetings but it’s not true at all !

I only told them that one time. I’m not even sure they understood what I meant. But anyway, I’m getting lost in thoughts, I’m not here to talk about work !

What i’m trying to say is that when I think about new and mysterious things who are out of the routine, these days, it always comes back to you.

I mean… someone who wears a trench and a fedora (you always made me think of those private detectives in those old movies. Which is weird, because I never liked it that much. Everyone is a bit too grouchy for my liking) who has no identity, travels the world without having to worry about anything. I just love to think about someone who doesn’t have to think about whatever chore we need to concern ourselves about, someone who goes wherever they want, someone who’s just… free.

Yeah, that’s what you are. Free. I could surely spend my time trying to say it in a more poetic way but I know myself, when I try to say something in a more elaborated way, I always end up being confused and not knowing what I was trying to say at the beginning !

But, to go back to the subject, having blurry memories about yourself, I know what it is. There’s also a lot of things about my life I can’t remember, too. When I try to remind myself of my past, I always have different memories each time. It’s really confusing but it doesn’t bother me that much. If there’s something important my father teached me, it’s that when you look too much at the past, it just ends up paralyzing us and leaving us with regrets. The only way to live a good life is to look at the future and to go towards it proudly and without fear ! I like to remind Emma and Jeremy of that, sometimes.

I just realized I got lost in my own thoughts again. I hope you won’t mind it, I really don’t do it on purpose ! Truth is, it’s the first time I’m writing this sort of letter and… well, it’s complicated, actually ! To be completely honest, I’m spending more time trying to search my words than doing anything else. I had to restart writing this letter at least two times ! (OK, one of those two, I put a hole on my paper by accident)

Oh, well. My point is that you fascinate me. Since I first came across you, there’s not a day I don’t ask myself questions about you. Not the sort of questions the Foundation asks itself, though ! No, more in the sense that I’m wondering what you’re searching for. Why you’re constantly moving from place to place. Why you do what you’re doing. I mean, I don’t pretend I have an answer but asking myself about it is already more than enough.

Yeah, I know, what I say gives more the impression that I’m more interested by the image you give. In fact, it’s why I’m writing you this letter.

I don’t want to just know your image. I want to know you. I didn’t wanted to know someone that much before. I want to help you finding what you’re searching for. I often ask myself if being constantly alone weighs on you and, if it’s the case, I want to fill this gap. I want to see you smile. I want to show you WonderWorld and everything we can do here. There’s so much things I want to do with you and if I told you about every single one of them, there would be no surprises and spoiling them is not what we do on this house !

You deserve only the best. When I have to attend those meetings with the Executive Board, I must stay focused constantly because I spend way more of my time thinking about what surprise I could give you, the one I know will make you brighten like no one else. I think about making toys after you because, deep down, I know they would be the best toys ever. Just that, it allows me to stay awaken.

Thinking about you makes me feel a lot of things I like to feel.

I sent you a box of chocolates with the letter, I hope you’ll like it. I already said a lot in this letter but I want to say even more things to you in person and I really need to make great efforts because I want to say absolutely everything but I’m sure that if I do, this letter will end up making no sense at all.

You should visit me, one day. I would be so happy to see you. Even if everyone, yourself included, sees you as Nobody, for me, you’re somebody. Someone important. I hope you know that.

I love you.


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