Toby's Personnel File

Toby in Site-66

Name: Toby

Security Clearance Level: 0

Occupation: Mascot of Site-66

History: Toby is a male Central American tapir (Tapirus bairdii) specimen of age 5. He was found in front of the office of Head Researcher ████████. The identity of the person who delivered the package is yet to be revealed, since all security cameras not located in containment areas were undergoing maintenance during his arrival.

Internal Memo:

From: head_res_s66
To: s66_staff_lvl1_list
Date: Apr 1, 20██
Subject: I just got a tapir

When I arrived to my office this morning, I noticed that someone dropped a cage with a tapir right in front of the door. To clarify, when I requested mammals for a series of experiments with SCP-████, I had lab rats and apes in mind. Seriously, who ordered the tapir? Where did you even order one?

Dr. ████████

Due to popular request from Site-66 staff, Head Researcher ████████ rescinded the termination order, and awarded the title of the Site Mascot to the tapir (who was given the name Toby by Assistant Researcher ██████). An unused room next to the cafeteria was converted to accommodate him. All staff members are allowed to visit Toby during breaks or after work hours.

Incident Report:

On ██/██/████, Head Researcher ████████ entered Toby's containment area, carrying a folder containing several classified documents. Toby bit into the folder and snatched it from Head Researcher ████████'s hand, consuming its contents afterwards. Following the incident, Toby was reprimanded for accessing documents above his Clearance Level without prior authorization. The documents involved in the incident are listed below:

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