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Personnel File: Doctor Brandon "toastedraptor" █████

Full Name: Brandon █████

Serial Number: 83197-AX-6616

Security Clearance: Level 2

Position: Junior Researcher

Site of Operations: Site-882

Profile: Doctor Brandon █████ is a Junior Researcher currently assigned the ongoing study of two major SCPs at Site-886. Within four months of beginning his assignment, █████ has contributed immensely to scientific operations within the facility, notably by creating database entries and boosting site morale through the constant resupply of snacks. █████'s current supervisor, Doctor ██████████, described █████'s work ethic as "admirable," with the caveat that he proved "somewhat easily distracted at times".

Performance assessments submitted thus far have suggested that, while █████'s work is admirable, he possesses a tendency to forgo teamwork, preferring to work in solitude. █████ has received two verbal warnings thus far to discourage this behavior; further review of his conduct is pending a subsequent assessment. Additional disciplinary infractions are described further into this document.

Locker Inspection (02/25/████): The contents of Doctor █████'s locker, as per the inspection performed on 02/25/████, were as follows:

  • One personal journal
  • One box of cheese-flavored snack crackers
  • One portable video game system (confiscated by security personnel per site regulations)
  • One copy of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
  • Six DVD cases, all of which contained entries in the Star Wars film series
  • Two unmarked keys (purpose unknown)
  • One poster of an object resembling a common UFO. Caption reads "THE TRUTH MAY OR MAY NOT BE OUT THERE, I'M NOT ENTIRELY SURE AND DON'T REALLY HAVE MUCH TO GO ON AT THIS POINT"
  • One photograph of an unnamed female; "From [REDACTED], With Love" written on the back
  • Various athletic equipment, including a lifting belt, package of pre-workout drink mix, whey protein containers, and wrist braces

Locker determined to be within site regulations. No disciplinary action taken.

Disciplinary Infractions

Designation Type Outcome
AX-6616-01 Minor Subject found to be storing a large number of action figures from popular films in his suitcase. When questioned, subject claimed they "brought him good luck". Figures confiscated due to potential choking hazard.
AX-6616-02 Minor Subject determined to be responsible for forming and promoting a "Star Wars Watchathon" in the Site-886 employee lounge. When informed such an event was in violation of site regulations, subject responded by accusing the security personnel on duty of being "Trekkies". DVD player confiscated.
AX-6616-03 Pending Review Subject found to be investing large amounts of their personal funds into a popular online game entitled Team Fortress 2. Subsequent review by a disciplinary panel found to be these spending habits in violation of subject's approved financial plan. Further review pending.
AX-6616-04 Minor Successfully Appealed Subject found vandalizing the walls of his office with common spray paint. When questioned, subject claimed to be "sprucing up the place". Artwork bore esoteric significance. Walls repainted; however, photographs of the artwork are available to all personnel upon request. Subject later claimed to have been under the influence of SCP-███; an investigation confirmed this, and the subject's appeal was granted.
AX-6616-05 Major Successfully Appealed Subject observed being in the proximity of two fatalities - Doctor Richardson and Doctor Michael. Autopsies performed on the deceased determined the cause of death to be fatal stabbing wounds. Subject's office subsequently searched; one kitchen knife coated in blood recovered from underneath a desk. DNA analysis confirmed the blood to have been from Doctor Richardson. Subject apprehended by site security and placed in a temporary detainment cell. Further analysis of security footage determined that the assailant was SCP-████, utilizing the subject's likeness as a disguise. Subject claimed to have been knocked unconscious and "robbed at gunpoint" of various keycards and security items. Analysis of office security footage determined this to be factual. Subject cleared of all charges by a disciplinary committee, released from detainment, and returned to active service. When later interviewed, subject praised SCP-████, referring to the entity as "sharp". The significance of this statement was considered unworthy of further investigation.

Note from Site Supervisor:

At this time, we do not consider Dr. █████ a threat to the Foundation in any capacity. All disciplinary infractions are to be held for record-keeping purposes only and should not affect project assignment.

- Supervisor Johnson

Database Entries

Dr. █████ has authored the following database entries:

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